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3.4 Patch Notes

I just downloaded a patch and I see pet food is in my soulforge now but no other changes? Is the rest coming tonight after reset? (oh and the Calendar doesn’t work)

Yay, pet patch is live for me!

Who said 3 pet per hour? Lol

ok i got my 2 gnome now the event triggert

so it’s a RANDOM chance. Just what Gems needs, MORE randomness!

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General FYI -

If you would like to quickly report 3.4 related issues, you can post them here

General, detailed bug reports can go to the bug reports section of the forums.

3.4 is live on PSN now.

Guildmate trigged Minifernus. so cute. Going to have to avoid that shop though.

Finally got one!!!



I want one!!!


Special pet rescue team slot is annoying.


No new trophies/achievements?

What platform are you on?

Xbox achievement still showing 1800/1800 so achievement not live

Really? Lol you just need to enter it once then you always take same team


PS4. Haven’t been on my system yet, but I didn’t see any mention on the patch notes about them.

But I’m already indesisive enough!

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I mentioned on the known issues that xbox achievements are not live. We aren’t sure what is holding them up but they should be out this week. If you have further issues please post there.

Ahhhh so the whole pet stuff is just another shop to throw gems at, you could have lead with that info…


Our guild was among the first on XB1 to activate a Pet Rescue and were able to save a cute little Pinguin that buffs Stormheim bonus. Plus, penguins are my spirit animal and he’s just so CUTE! :heart_eyes::penguin: Pinguin :penguin::heart_eyes: !


Did I mention we have openings for both guilds of OLYMPIA: Apollo and Artemis & Ares and Athena on XB1? :rofl: