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3.4 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)

All pet foods incorrectly cost 125 jewels to craft in the soulforge, except brown which correctly costs 100 (and hopefully not the reverse).

@Mithran We have verified this and will be fixing the Brown Jewel cost within an hour or two with a change to the servers. All Pet Food should actually be 125 Jewels to craft.

My guild got a 2nd pet event, but I didn’t get it.

I’m the leader of the guild and have been in the guild the entire time.

Also, no achievement was given when the 1st pet event we had was completed.

All this on the PC Steam version.

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Update: Xbox achievements should be live at approximately 5 pm AEST today (May 1st). It’s based on Microsoft’s timezone of the start to the day, sadly not ours!

edit: PS4 Achievements should be live.

have a couple of guildmates who did not get pet rescue event the rest of os got either, on both ios and pc

Added to the list we’re looking into it :+1:

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Gnome Vault doesn’t work. Continuous spin. Doesn’t even come up with retry button. Have to swipe exit the game come back to find my gnome vault key value down. That bites. Did it again to see if it was a one off. Nope. That’s two vault keys I’m down for nada.

Can I still submit a ticket? I heard somewhere that I can no longer do this.

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Quite some progress! (Android.)


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So my guild is starting its 2nd Pet Rescue, only some of us have access to it and others don’t. People are updated. Is there a solution to triggering the prompt? (we’ve done battles and stuff before and after. I fought a pet gnome, beat it, and saw no notifications even though there was no event active)

I still can not access global with my main account, cant get into guild chat for that matter either. As GM that might be an issue. Whats the deal?

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Please submit a ticket to support as ‘Missing Rewards’ and we can help you out. Otherwise, we did try to reproduce this and the vault battle can be started, fought, and rewards are earned.

@cky thank you

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How to submit a ticket? I follow the link to support and it just appears to be endless faq…

Sorry i meant to attach a link! Go here to submit a ticket.

p.s What link were you trying to follow?

What about me? Ive now uninstalled and re installed the game, no luck


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CReboote, yes. The update finally showed up, but I missed the first pet rescue because 1) the update was late and 2) the ever-spinning wheel of no connection did not allow me to complete the battles in time. Restarted the game again and this time it cost me an arena run because battles would not load and they counted as losses.

UPDATE: The game is completely unplayable for me at present. All I get are endless loading screens.



Still cant access global with main Steam account. Can access global when using different Steam account. Same computer, exact same settings, hows that happen?

Also, one of my alts had to go through tutorial it apparently never finished. After doing so I could see the calendar, but cant see it on my other accounts.

I didn’t get any kind of notification during pet event that was triggered by someone in my guild. what do I do? Can not submit any tickets for some reason either.

I’m having same issue as RS in Arena.