3.4 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)


Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the only situation.

I don’t play on Steam and Mobile at the same time. I’ve only ever played my account on Mobile (Android).

I’ve tried disconnecting from chat.
restarting, etc. It’s intermittently available… but for the most part guild chat simply doesn’t allow text to be input on “OK” or “enter/return”


I’m on X1. I’ve been opening gold keys 50 and 200 at a time. Most of the time (apx 8 out of 10) the first notification is glitchy. It is in the orange legendary frame. It is not the same every time but is either multiple symbols or is just the minor water traitstone image and says something like “1 [RUNE6421_NAME]” (which is one I was able to screengrab and verify). Most of the time I get no minor water traistones. Like 6-7 straight opens of 20+ of each other minor traitstone so a run of random bad luck seems unlikely - especially since every other minor always shows up. Another time I got “Minor Nature traitstone x9, %1 Souls x4, Minor Wind traitsone” with the minor water image. I have a lifetime supply of those little buggers, but it’s still a bug.


Xbox One, here.

When opening Gold and Glory Chests, if any Glory is awarded above 40, the player is shortchanged.

For example, upon opening Gold Chests, I scroll to the bottom of the rewards to see that 100 Glory is displayed as being awarded. Actual Glory received and added to the current total was only 60.

Some other things I’ve noticed:

  • The pattern is seemingly that the larger the amount of Glory awarded, the more egregious the disparity in actual amount received.
  • Instances of only 20 Glory rewarded are added accurately, but any amount 40 or over results in being shorted the full amount by twenty or more. The amount increases as total Glory awarded increases, as well.



This patch was so bucked up that it actually caused me to stop playing. Couldn’t play more than a few battles without disconnecting. Unless I get some word that stability has been restored and I can Explore, Arena and Pet Rescue to my heart’s content, I’m afraid that will continue. Your best pony player is on hiatus.

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What platform are you playing on?





If this is true I’m owed a buttload of glory. For how long this happen?

Edit: Yep, I just opened some more gold chests and confirm this is a thing.
@Cyrup @Ozball @Saltypatra @Kafka

This is a freaking MAJOR issue. I just spent 12000 gold keys and millions of gold. If I missed 40 glory on almost every opening that’s a massive amount I’m owed.:rage:


Oh ok I am on Android so I can’t really relate sorry. Guild chat is shit but aside from that most of the time it is okay.




I tried this myself a day ago on iOS. I opened 200 gold chests, and received 140 glory and 4 gems. Both of my totals updated correctly. So whatever the issue is, it is not universal or guaranteed.


I can connect but posting is sporadic at best. I will type something out and select OK and it does not show up EVER (Android) This also includes updating the Announcement for the Guild


I’m not on steam with this account and only on Mobile. But again mine has to do with nothing I type is showng up


The thing is who would think to check totals before and after? Thank goodness @TheDragonSeoul did or this would have gone unnoticed. I guess from now on I’m checking totals when buying/opening/doing anything, all trust gone…


I also noticed some card with weird name


It happened to me as well. I just opened a batch of 50 gold chests to test. I was supposed to get 60 glory, but my total showed that I only received 40. If it was just this I wouldn’t care but I opened about 19k gold chests and an embarrassingly large amount of glory chests (partially keys, mostly glory) on Friday morning so I was most likely shorted a LOT of resources. I didn’t get gems that batch and wasn’t about to open more to check and see. I filed a ticket, hopefully they can and will sort it out. I can only imagine how many others on Xbox this happened to!! Most players don’t read the forums. I do and I didn’t even read this thread til my guild mate pointed it out.


Confirmed supposed to get 100 glory but only got 60 xbox also


Makes me wish I checked my totals after key openings… A lot were used on Friday…

Part of me wonders if it was because of the Xbox server errors throwing everything off


I can still not find the PSN Bug on your list!?

I am playing Gems on PS4 since day one, so i saw a lot of bugs and where almost allways cool with them.
But this one may destroy entire guilds, when you are not able to contact new members!

Also postet it here

When can/will you fix it?
Please dont say we have to wait for 3.5!


Yep, i used quite a lot of resources trying to get all the new troops. Had i known i was getting less than what it said i’d be given i would’ve waited


not sure if it has been already mentioned, but inviting players to a guild using invite codes is broken. any time one types a code it says ‘does not exist’. it happened to me multiple times after the patch and I know that I am not the only person experiencing such a problem. inviting from the chat works ok