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3.4 - Enough is Enough

I know a lot of this is being discussed in Known Issues, but I wanted someplace where I could vent without derailing someone else’s thread.

The 3.4 update has made the game unplayable for me. Patience for the loading times? Nope. I don’t have the time to wait 20 minutes between battles, and with a 1 hour counter on the pet rescues, the suggestion is absurd. So far I have lost the opportunity to participate in two rescues, plus losing an entire arena run because the battles never loaded and were counted as losses. PVP won’t load, neither will Raid or TH.

I have been with this game since the beginning. I have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars (VIP 17, fer chrissake!) because I love it and want to support it. I have supported the devs through thick and thin because I trusted them to care for their game.

But enough is enough. An update that makes the game unplayable is an update that is sloppily created and carelessly executed. At some point, you have got to realize that beta testing iOS has GOT to happen, because this type of result is utter garbage.

I know there are going to be issues with new code. Not everything will get caught before release. But jeez louise , you could at least make it look like you’re trying to issue a quality product.

One more like this and you may not have any player base left.


Plug your phone in and turn off Auto-Lock/Power Saving mode if it’s on. Enter the Troops menu, switch it to Show All. Scroll down through the whole list. Repeat for Weapons, Banners, Pets, etc.

I did that and haven’t had any loading problems on iOS, didn’t have to reinstall either, and I have an iPhone 8 Plus on iOS 11.3. Longest loading screen I got was for the Events tab, and I just played through a whole Pet event with no glitches or battles not loading. Hope that helps.


Thanks for sharing your criticism, River. I understand, and we hear you.

And thanks for your insights, Fuligin.


You’re welcome. This update (on iOS, at any rate) is for all intents and purposes a fresh install from the way it redownloaded every single asset, and I have a feeling you’d get through the bug reports and complaints a lot quicker if you added an FAQ stating as such.


Yes, I think a saw a Dev make this comment tonight about having to re download all the assets. (but that was on console chat so you probably didn’t see it :wink:

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People don’t seem to read my help center articles but I’ve been working on an article anyway! Thanks for letting us use your suggestion :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel you on this… we’ve been here long enough to expect things to get steadily better… pretty sure that the devs’ team is much bigger than it was when you and I started… but they didn’t hire any testers?


Was doing this fix, and got an error 13 saying shit was corrupt and then couldnt do anything.

Opened game back up, and everything is reloading.

Closed game, reloaded everything. Game reset again after that due to switching apps, and then had to reload everything again :frowning:

Can anyone give me a reason why they DON’T beta test these major updates?

I just did that, went into a raid boss battle and it still got stuck in the loading screen… 3rd sigil wasted since installing 3.4 an hour ago, this is nonsense

The most reliable way to solve the issue currently appears to be to clear your Gems of War data (on Android you can go to Settings > Apps > Gems of War > Clear Data), or remove the game and reinstall it. Both ways would require you to link your account first, but luckily in 3.4 you can link your account before the tutorial.

We believe the issue is more prominent this update because of the amount of files that changed, due to the Unity upgrade. The issue may have always been there but it is now been seen in larger amounts by a larger majority.

We are taking extra measures to make sure this doesn’t happen for the next update and will look at some further Quality of Life improvements around the downloads. But for now I suggest to reinstall and link the account again to fix the issue.


Some advance notice of this would have helped us and avoided a lot of angst. This frustration has now cost me three of my Raid sigils. Okay so the world won’t end, but that’s annoying and I know I won’t be getting those back.

Considering you only get 3 Sigils from buying Tier 2, I feel like you have a case worth pursuing…

Maybe, but I already purchased higher tiers, so even if I raise a ticket and get my gems refunded (50? 100?), I cannot repurchase tier 2 again to get those sigils.

This worked for me!!! Thank you!

Because 505’s focus is on getting more income-generating mechanisms out the door, and there is probably math to support the notion that releasing new content generates more money than spending extra time on QA. Eventually this will bite them in the rear but until it does I wouldn’t expect to see anything change. (Just like I wouldn’t expect to see any new content that doesn’t include a “shop” tab.)


Best you can say is that they’re consistent.
Consistent at not testing.
Consistent at poor coding.
Consistent at wanting AAA title cash for EVERY aspect of any purchase… I’ve seriously not seen such expensive purchases in major immense games from the largest studios with the titles you couldn’t miss.


River Song, I couldn’t agree with you more.
I’d just like to add that having a working guild chat would be nice.
Also, when the event for pets is triggered half of my guild has to log out and back in to access the event and play it.
I am sick of this. Don’t release product that harms the game.


I feel this post. As much as I didn’t want to, I uninstalled and reinstalled the game because I didn’t see any other way around it, and guess what? My calendar is still grayed out, and I still don’t have a pet or a way to do pet battles.

Going back to Kingdom Hearts Unchained X for the rest of the day now. They had a huge update today, since it is the first of the month, and guess what? It works like a charm. I keep hoping that eventually we will get a decent update, but am let down time and time again.


i never even got the chance to play this broken patch because of a bug before it even came out…the only thing that i could do is chat,then patch hits and chat crashes my game entirely bhahaa this game is great!

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