3.3 - Where'd the fun go?

I believe that really committed end-game players (i.e. collecting 10+ tributes a day) might be able to get to tier 6 to mythic the weekly troop and break even without spending money on gems, as long as they never uses gems for anything else…at the cost of a smaller margin of error to obtain the monthly mythic release, of course, but I guess it’s a matter of priorities :sweat_smile:


It struck me today this is probably why we don’t have a guild leaderboard as well.

If there’s a guild leaderboard, everyone in the guild is pressured to participate at the fullest. Maybe the devs felt like even the top-tier guilds wouldn’t have an easy time motivating 20+ members to spend 1k+ gems weekly. So they did their best to make sure that was an individual mandate, and that the only new mode that uses guild progress happens on a 4-week cycle. Guilds can push their members to spend on Raids, but let people do as they wish for bounties or invasions.


Aren’t invasions also a guild-based event, like raids? There’s some individual rewards for the different stages, but as far as I remember most of the rewards were for number of towers destroyed by the whole guild :thinking:


Oh, that’s right. For some reason I remembered it as personal goals like bounties.

Did it keep scaling once you got to 4 towers? I can’t remember this junk.

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I am still having tons of fun, but after a full event cycle, i feel the burn, my friends also feel the burn, i’d venture my entire guild is burned-out.
What do i mean? The new events are Gem-Costly. So, to go all-in takes Gems, time, effort. Everyone had to increase play time (Boss fights are way longer then guild wars).
And, we all felt the need to go for it, to do our best, to get these awesome prizes: Vault Keys, Event Keys, and Orbs!.
And now, after a full cycle, we know:
Vault keys are just fun, really, nothing extra-ordinairy comes out of it.
Event keys are a joke, you can open 100 and not get the current Legendary.
And Orbs… ah, the Orbs. They should be awesome. But when you dish out and extra 400 Gems and hours of play to get… a Orb of Growth? Really?

We are all down from the cloud.
Now, we just get tier 3 tops, collect the first Orb and are glad for the fun little extra (thanks!), but nobody is really interrested anymore to go all the way, because:

** The best carrot available (Orb) can still be a piece of junk**

So, if devs are happy with us just going half-way and collect some stuff, cool.
If the goal is to have us fully committed, they need to:

1- Remove “bad” Orbs from the Orb table. We should never be disappointed from opening a Chaos Orb.
2- Improve Vault rewards too. They are too far between to give out bad hauls.
3- Improve Event Key tables. Specially the lower trait stones.

Because right now, every single cool prizes still have a chance to be bad, and that is not very motivating.


Being able to choose which orb you get would be a huge bonus and make the grind feel more rewarding.


I know which one I would choose!

The one with the lowest probability of dropping.

There’s just too much RNG going on. Just like dungeon rewards at first. Maybe the devs will change the orbs too. They know the growth orb is useless to anyone with the resources to achieve an orb in the first place.


True, but they are useful for crafting the new card in Soulforge. But, you’re right, beyond fodder for that Mythic, these orbs need to be useful. Otherwise, once Every one has the new troop, most people won’t give two scoops of raisins about the them, as they currently are.

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  • We have had a fully active guild for over a month now, which we haven’t had since last year.
  • We have used our LINE chat more than ever talking about Boss/Invasion strategies, and have had fun figuring out what works and what doesn’t.
  • I am not sure why people are doing the Vault on Warlord 4; I use Warlord 1, take everything out with the Firebomb/Phoenix team in record time and have gotten decent rewards the last few times (50000 gold, multiple orbs, 100 gems, etc.)
  • I haven’t spent a real dime on this game (ever) and am still finishing in the top 1 or 2 spots during Guild activities.
  • We have literally played each new mode only once. Once guys. Once.

You don’t always have to finish #1 on the leader boards. You don’t always have to win. Sometimes, you can just enjoy the thrill of a new game mode, especially one that is a new challenge.

Do the new modes have flaws? Of course they do. But, then again, what game doesn’t have flaws? I am expecting to see a few tweaks here and there, but in general it is probably going to stay the same. Don’t let the game give you anxiety and stress - it is just a game! Go with the flow, and I’m sure you’ll find something you like in the new modes :slight_smile: .


Wait, difficultly affects vault rewards?

amen absolut

I’ve seen it confirmed that it doesn’t several times.

TECHNICALLY we’re on our 2nd Raid Boss encounter, but I agree with your general sentiment that it’s too early to throw the mode in the trash.

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Yeah @slypenslyde is right it doesn’t affect rewards at all. I just mentioned it because the original poster was commenting on how he wasted a vault key on Warlord VI…I was just commenting on how you should never do a Vault key at that level haha!

So I am puzzled…
Why do them on Warlord 1?

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Ohhh I gotcha sorry. I play all my explore battles at Warlord 1, so I just leave it on Vault as well. With my guild bonuses and level, I take out most things in two shots on Warlord 1 with the Firebomb/Firebird team. I haven’t had an issue with beating all the Vault minions at that level yet, so I just haven’t moved it down.

I would disagree, because Raids, Invasions, and even Bounty all play, relatively, the same. As others have said, they are, more or less, “copy and paste” game modes. So, I believe that we’ve had plenty of time to see if they’re worthwhile or not. Just my opinion.


I think there’s a bit of a personal measurement involved.

If I put in a small amount of gems and a little bit of effort, I get back a couple of orbs and a trivial amount of other resources. I’m fine with that.

The modes want to tempt me to spend a large amount of gems and a huge amount of effort to make vary marginal improvements; at some point it takes the whole guild working together to progress. I don’t have any reason to buy into that.


The money bundles are overpriced IMO (but hey, I’m cheap!) But on the other hand, this game is perfectly playable for free, much more so than the majority of FTP games.

Sure, they are trying to put a little bit of pressure on to spend gems. But nobody is forced to spend anything, and you can play indefinitely without paying a penny and not feel remotely crippled.

Still gets my ‘Genuinely Free To Play’ badge.

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Scales for ever, I think. As far as I can see, only Bounty stops scaling.