3.2 after 1 hour

EDIT: This applies to the X1 version only.

After using 3.2 for a bit I’ve got a lot of notes. I’m going type them up here.

Troops 4 Across - Great
Using only 80% of the screen real estate - bad
Love the art being featured more prominently
note: some art does not cut it anymore ‘Devour the world’ etc. The older stuff as its too low of resolution

Seriously question the over all font choice (like the whole Microsoft Metro design from the WP days but not sure about it for Fantasy (just my opinion)

Hero weapons look Awesome!

Kingdom highlight ‘mouse over’ not bright enough. You Dont know what you have selected or are selecting.

Banners nice
Disabled RT and LT no fast scrolling with them please add that back

Traitstones new look Awesome!

Sentinels look Awesome!
as does the art work for the Guild menu
In Guild using the incorrect terms and image for shoulder buttons. Not L1 and R1 with that weird button. Note it is perfectly correct in the chat menu. LB and RB with the correct image.

Soleforge is not a ‘game’ any more than the troop menu is a game

News and Event very nice

You need more lines and square dots in the whole interface, just like the chat menu looks like now. I don’t mind the chat interface its got a Skyrim feel to it rather than Microsoft thermostat. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Double color filter in the troops menu is very nice addition. Great!

Final note: X1 Global chat is universally hating on the changes, nothing specific though


Where are you playing 3.2

I don’t see it on Steam

Its out of the Xbox One.

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Addition filter note.

Troop filter is missing the ability to select a Mono color.


wow, great news then! :slight_smile:

my favorite feature so far is being able to filter troops by 2+ colors now.

the new loading screen is pretty cool. bye bye Tesla, hello Shentang? NPC.

the main world screen (especially the daily tasks and user info on the left) seems too bulky.

The game seems faster now, although that makes me worried for more incoming nerfs…

The cursor being hard to see in kingdom/explore screens is annoying

Global chat is on the hate train. I’m in the middle, lots of potential if they move toward the chat menu style rather than Teams and troops style…

Most chat ‘hate’ is all the look.

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There has always been a hidden non-documented feature to hide that with the LB.

I didn’t mind it pre-update.

Currently, LB hides the Daily Tasks, but the username/class takes too much of the top left for my liking. wish I could fade it into the background.

Oh and please feel free to start using the news section for Patch notes etc. Click x to learn more or whatever…


I see. I think its because it moved from the bottom left to up top.

In addition the “Events” tab is also using both the wrong terminology and icons LB and RB (use Chat its correct Guide)

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yeah, you’re right. I liked the old UI a lot, so this is a bit of a tough sell. I liked the username on the same line as the menu bar.


I cant wait for the new UI, it looks great! :open_mouth:

Yeah, it had much more hero image and less text. Plus it was out of the way. I do see why the moved it as that was a “free” spot on screen… butBottom left was better.:grinning:

The "problem’ of mouse over/lack of hi-light extends everywhere. When selecting Guild for example its very hard to tell what’s selected. This is just like the Kingdom problem I mentioned above.

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So the defense bonus in gw start next week?

I’m loving the little things I don’t remember seeing, like Princess Elspeth’s tooltip showing the number of gems on the board of each color.

I can live with this update since the gameplay feels faster. If they nerf anything because of that though…

Im assuming so, it show 0 points for unique bonus troops at this time.

Well their prediction for Xbox getting it today was correct. Hopefully that means their prediction for PC/mobile to be tomorrow will also hold true!

Poor Sony… Things didn’t sound good for them on stream.