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3.2.5 Feedback and suggestions

There was a dev in Global chat the other night bragging that he’d just reached level 100. That felt… a little sad.


Please put admin and refresh buttons back at the top of the screen. I keep accidentally pushing them for battle start.

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Why was the ring of wonder nerfed to 50% bonus?! It was 100% on the Twitch stream last week and now it’s only 50%. I was going to get it for 100% but $20 for 28 days for 50% no thanks that is a solid pass :disappointed_relieved:


Also not sure if it’s been mentioned but on PS4 now the game “freezes” or has an extended pause where nothing works for between 2 and 15 seconds when ever “tribute” appears, Going in and out of Troop menus and a few other similar actions


I’m pretty sure it happens every hour, on the hour, after you log in. If I stay in for an extended session, I can see it de-sync from tributes when I am slow collecting.

Thinking about the… “visual overdose”… we have with all those animated effects covering troops and even making it harder, or impossible, to distinguish what is going on i imagine the devs need to plan carefully the next steps otherwise they will have a huge waste of working hours with tweaks/changes and implementations until they reach some desired stability.

With this consideration in mind i’ll throw a little idea i had: We need tabs for Buffs and Debuffs for each troop. The picture below is a sketch made on MsPaint.
possible fix

Some explanation of the general concept and changes needed:

  • Moving and resizing the Chat and Configuration buttons. I tried my best to keep those on a place where they wouldn’t get covered by when Buffs/Debuffs Tabs appear, but the devs should probably find a better way to realocate those and keep the original size.

  • The Peasant is Stunned, Frozen, Poisoned and Deathmarked. These are sketchy icons i made, i chose a size based on the card’s skill icons. Yes, my team has no way to apply Deathmark or poison to the Peasant, but i did it anyway because i’m cruel. :smiling_imp: The blank spaces where just measures i’ve been using, the devs would certainly consider their own measure based on the amount of Buffs/Bebuffs they have planned, but i would urge them to not make icons much smaller than that. These Debuffs will be displayed if you click on his Debuff Tab.

  • The Musketeer have at least one Buff and one Debuff, that’s why he has both Tabs on him, the Reaver have at least one Buff and no Debuff, therefore there is no need to show his Debuff Tab, and the Fortress Gate have at least one Debuff and since it have no Buff his Buff Tab doesn’t shows up.

Why i think this is a good idea to be implemented?
Again, as the game moves forward we will have new effects being added, and this means we’ll get even more convulated/psychodelic/seizure-inducing animations on top of each other. Making this change doesn’t means they need to throw away the animations, but instead they can take this opportunity to give us the option to disable said animations on the configurations. Many have asked for it, but few wondered what is needed to replace these animations, and in this sense making an investiment on these Buff/Debuff Tabs would be a good solution.

Without the animations, we would still need some icons or symbols to show what Buffs and Debuffs are active, but we’ll still reach a point where things will become cluttered again even with small icons (which are undesirable) as troops already retain little free space for information… So, having these Tabs implemented will help the game and the players greatly.

Do you have a perfect vision, almost reaching the X-Ray vision of Superman? You can keep all animations on and still benefit from having a clear reminder that a troop has at least one Buff among all those Debuffs, so make no mistakes and click on the Buffs Tab to remember/see what it is.

Do you have an average vision but don’t like the animations, or do you want to turn those off for a while for any reason? Okay, don’t worry as you can still check all status applied on both teams by just accessing Buffs/Debuffs Tabs.

About the future: With this idea the devs could keep the simplest icons/symbols/animations that affect troops such as Silence or Enchanted and others as they are, it would be up to their judgement what is already easy to display on the troop. For everything else they can put in those tabs as long as they make icons/symbols for everything and make sure that those symbols have a strong identity being easy to distinguish not only by colors/contrast but also by shape and size.

I hope this helps. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ditto the lag on xbox when it’s tribute time. Screen freezes up, i can’t tab over in the menu and shiny circle of light around kingdom that’s usually kinda glowing goes stops. Also after a lot of battles after rewards screen, usually in pvp but that’s where i primarily play. Side note about the trait effects, frozen is faint as is, add on enchanted, i’m utterly confused, am i one? Am i both? Add on burning and holy toledo idk wth is going on!! That’s the state of 98% of my battles. Yeah, i’m quite fond of krystenax.

Guys I know this has been brought up but MAN - if we’re going to have these animations please have a way to turn them off or turn off the unnecessary ones (like the fireworks for its my turn or their turn)

Secondly some of the ‘status’ animations just don’t make sense. I was froze and couldn’t figure that out.

Also playing in the dark really shows how incredibly bright these are… freaked out my cat.

And here’s another REAL reason to turn off these animations. == 1 hour of game play on a fully charged Android Samsung note, that up until 3.2.5 I could do 3 hours without having to recharge.

This is just insane. (And you can’t tell when you’re frozen at all now)

If I can’t play game when cleaning kitchen - because of battery usage because of the animations (proved it 3 times today already) - then well no more android play.

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The “refresh” button on the PVP screen really needs to be moved. If you accidentally double-click the “skip” button after a PVP match, you risk spending a gem for no reason. Please put this back in the upper-left corner where it lived quite happily before.

There needs to be a way to turn off the new spell effects. I’m in the odd position of thinking they are quite “pretty”, but after I play for a while I start feeling dizzy from looking at them.

As probably already mentioned somewhere amongst all these comments, the removal of opening 1 key at a time is ridiculous. One of my tasks today was to open 3 gem keys but I have to open 10 to complete the task, wasting 7 I don’t wish to use yet. Great logic scrapping that function when you have tasks like that to do.

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Well…multiclor troop search option is the only truly positive thing I see about the new update…oh, right - Khorvash is now fixed and can’t affect three troops in one cast.
Vertical scrolling for opened chest contents has finally returned, but why is horizontal scrolling still present in treasure hunt rewards, battle rewards and elswhere?
New guild task menus…“money deposited/total money” format should have been left untouched. Calculating percentages makes things unnecessarily complicated and slow. Anyway, I can do my math if I have to, but at the very least you should have gotten your numbers right: yesterday progress bar for our legendary task said 1% done with 15,000 gold deposited. That makes 1,500,000 to complete instead of 1,000,000, doesn’t it?
Shortcut to Guild Wars is gone from Guild menu main tab. It’s a pity.
Dawnbringer issue in the Arena hasn’t been addressed. Another pity.
Kingdom power levels on world map are worse than before.
Skip/continue button for pvp defense rewards hovering right over refresh button? Accidental wasting of gems is bound to happen, it’s inevitable. Refresh button must be relocated, or even better still - it shouldn’t have been touched in the first place.
Chest menus are made more complicated and require extra clicks to switch from one kind of chest to another. And who came up with that atrocious animation when chests are opened? I just hit the skip button as soon as it appears.
Lastly, the most important part of the game - the battle. I can live with all the bling-bling when gems are matched, bling-bling when a troop attacks, bling-bling when a troop dies…I’m not saying I like it, but at least it’s bearable. New status effects animations are simply abomination that should have never seen the daylight with Burn being the worst example. Just get rid of them ASAP! Please, stop torturing our eyes.

Heh, I know you played the game extensively while developing the new shiny bling-bling and it was all looking fine and dandy and the best thing in the world; I also know that by now you’ve received hundreds, if not thousands, of private e-mails from satisfied and content users who are simply too sensitive to come out in the open and express their gratitude for the new and improved look, yet still…could we at least get this one thing with status effects back to normal, back to the way it was before?

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This is because the “<” is a return button, and “X” is an exit button (e.g “X” appears above a modal popup window rather than “<” which takes you back in the menus). What if the X button was made smaller?

Weird, we’ll keep an eye on this.

Yes. On the forums the feedback is centralised rather negatively against the new animations but as someone who has been looking at Google Play, Steam, social media, tickets and forums the sentiment towards the changes is mixed. I, like some other players, don’t have a particular problem with it, while others do :slight_smile: (and with this particular comment I was specifying exactly what you were referring too).

Thanks, we’re aware players don’t like this! We are looking into making changes for this.


Appreciate the feedback @Cyrup. Hopefully it will revert back as soon as possible, after all, keys are not as easy to accumulate as they use to be.

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This poll would suggest the feedback is not centralised with 88% suggesting they would like to be able to turn off the animations, with the richer feedback suggesting it is most strongly directed toward the status efffect animations.

Updated original post with comments on all collated feedback


Related to this, the “Skip”/“Continue” buttons overlay the “Claim All” button in the mail menu. If you don’t want to claim all your mail, the current button placement makes collecting mail somewhat risky.

This is especially problematic for my older device, which likes to stockpile user inputs before finally recognizing all of them in sequence. I routinely wind up double-tapping an area of the screen because my iPhone 5S still hasn’t processed my first touch before I get impatient and tap again. Then, of course, both taps go through.

So, okay.
Reading this, I understand that there must be something up you guys aren’t telling us. That’s okay - no one can expect from the devs to tell us everything there is to your business.
But, given what I know from own experiences, I know that no company can afford to leave named health issues in their game unless they’re forced to. There’s been hints from you guys before that Sony, Microsoft and others have quite the say when it comes to your updates at this point, so between the new UI, the particle effects (“to be more in line with other games” - as Salty put it - instead of staying true to your own style) and now outright saying that something that causes players issues won’t be adressed further, I will just assume that you have no choice in what you guys do with your game anymore.

That’s sad. Sad for you devs who can’t make your own game anymore the way you want and sad for us players for many reasons (health, playability, fun in the game), but it makes things at least a bit more understandable.


Any effect status are difficult to see… You have more and more effect statues (like one new every kingdom so every 3 months). I think you should move to small icons (like traits) that you will put on the right where the traits have been before.

Or remove the trait icons: difficult to see and even if you see them I’m not sure everyone know which trait matchs which icon (cf your argument about removing the kingdom shield). So it could give some place to put there the status icons too: on the left, the positive ones and on the right the negative ones.

Because it’s important to know if a troop has unlocked his traits or not you will have to add something/somewhere. Maybe a number (in a star or whatever form) should be enough (0 = 0 trait, …, 3 = 3 traits unlocked) just between Attack and Life. Or a colored “>” (like the one for the Event troops but horizontally) for each trait unlocked at the same place.
So that means the event bonus icon have to be removed, which is not so useful… almost useless during battle (before battle ie scouting it’s great).

I have been closing my eyes each play. What is up now with moving bubbles. I can not take much more visual eye sore. Please rescue me. I love this game, but am going to be playing less if this does not stop.

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Can you change it so invade wins and losses are on the top row and defense wins and losses are on the bottom row


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