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3.1 Update Stream

Helllooo everyone! This Thursday-Saturday I will be streaming the 3.1 Gems of War patch starting at 10 AM EST each day on my YouTube channel @ Tacet the Terror:


We will be maxing the new crafting system WITHOUT paying gems, doing the new dungeon minigame, looking into the crafting system and all that it does, AND messing around with any balance changes that may have occurred.

Feel free to stop by. We will also have resource redeem codes claimable by anyone on the PC/Mobile side for free in game resources.


Do you think it’s possible in 3 days? :slight_smile:

We’ll find out. :smiley:


Are you still planning to start a third LP season with the crafting system out?

Yes, that will likely start later next week. Need to get everything done on the main account 1st.

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i’ll max it in 1 day since i have no real meaning to my life anymore :sunglasses:


I’m very happy about this :slight_smile: but on other side of things i’m confused. I haven’t seen official new post from Sirian about the patch

comes in like 3hrs unless maintenance time goes longer

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