3.1 Guild Task Rewards - Pending Updates


Since we are down to personal experience, I can grant you my troll looping team doesn’t work. Maybe you can consider the goblins have an extra turn to make loops work, and in fact my goblin team loops excellently well.
But doesn’t rake 140 souls each battle while troll loop does, so you can be pretty sure I try everything to get it to work. It rarely does.


Gems Of Wars is a SERVICE not a product.
Make those using the service feel cheated and unnecessary and I guarantee those players will replace the service with something less painful. And be sure that they will warn others to prevent anyone else experiencing such abuse. The publisher has time to correct this before a downward spiral becomes unstoppable.


I feel cheated. I spent money for getting access to the vip chests for me and my fiancee. I can no longer use gems to do this. It’s a rip off, a con, a total Mis-sell.
I’m so angry. I spent money I couldn’t really afford but I LOVED the game and wanted to reward the devs. Now I hate it and feel so disconnected from the devs that I wish I didn’t own a top guild. That’s the only thing keeping me here. I’m upset and very angry. I feel helpless but what I am doing is no longer spending money or gems on crafting resources, or anything else for that matter.


So many other hanging around to see what will happen. You used much more polite words than I can.

This new “luck” mechanic, if it exists, needs to go, and go away fast.


Blue 10 (400k) is now 80 Gems.
Blue 12 (750k) is now 100 Gems (from memory).
I think Blue 9 (300k) is also changed.

Can also confirm Yellow 7, Yellow 10-12, Blue 11, Red 8, and Red 11-12


@Lyya can you add some of the info that @Mithran included in his 2.1 thread in your OP? (2.1 Guild Tasks - Information Gathering) You have a nice comparison here from pre-3.1 to present, but that’s in the past and I think this thread would be most useful at this point if people could use it to better understand how the statue tasks work today. I know that as our guild worked up to completing all tasks I referenced Mithran’s post along the way.

Total gold need to complete one statue (2,610,000)*
Total gold needed to complete all statues (15,660,000)*
What you get by completing all tasks (like, combine totals for Glory Keys/Diamonds/Shards and list out in one place)*
How the timers work (last paragraph in the OP of Mithran’s thread)
What the statue bonuses are (i.e. Red Statue completed gives all troops +3 Attack)

*These first 3 items are either in your OP or calculable, but I think it would be useful to have the info summarized up front, perhaps above your chart.

I personally think that some useful info like statue leveling strategies is something that could be a matter for discussion in the thread and doesn’t necessarily need to be included in the OP.

There may be data points I’m not thinking of right now, chime in if you think of something I missed!

Thanks for the post and all that you do Lyya!