3.1.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile AND Console!)


460kB is about right for the game state. Mine is 480kB, and apparently it grows with player level.

On iOS, I don’t see this download if the app stays near the top of my app pile. It’s only if I load up a few other apps and push it out of memory that I get the splash screens and the download. Is this the same on Android?

For further explanation, the game stores its data on the servers to prevent hacking and other kinds of cheating. We had a discussion about this in the beta forum. The 480kB I am seeing is vastly better than the 2.8MB it was in 3.0! This is a big improvement by the dev team, especially for people like you and me who watch our cellular data usage.


Tributes appear significantly lower on android with unity. I averaged 10 before patch and have yet to collect that many since update.


If you averaged 10 kingdoms every time you collected tribute, you got extremely lucky indeed. The most generous counting I can come up with, 29 kingdoms at 26% chance each, is just 7.5 kingdoms per tribute collection.


Well I’d say maybe so but yet it was what I averaged before patch it was fairly common to collect 12+ multiple times daily. Post patch the highest has been 9.


queen ysabelle nerf or bug (xone) ? couldn’t find anything in patch notes / balance changes : damage before update was attack with/inclusive spell. ; now it is “old” attack without spell effect. one way or the other : another “old” ,underestimated troop made useless :-1:.


“Soul Legion” trophy glitched or just not retroactive?


Just updated it on Xbox. First bug that I noticed was the Navigation Menu on the World Map. It is outside of the Aspect Ratio. Doesn’t matter how much you enlarge or diminish the Aspect Ratio. The Navigation Menu remains out and beyond the TV screen. Never happened before. Relaunching the game did not correct it either. No problem having Luther popup and inform me about the new game features; Just annoying to see the Navigation Menu out of place. Always worked before, but now? wth?


@Smuggler007 You have to change settings on the tv not the game.


did you unlocked any new troop after the update?


No. Thats why Im asking.


its retroactive but u need to unlock a new troop


It wasn’t an issue before. So are you saying that the devs want to make this an issue with this latest patch? Even the store’s own menus are out of place. And every other game works very well with their graphics and aspect ratios. And you want to blame my TV? Right…


Yeah, I shouldn’t have to adjust my TV settings every time I open this one app on my PS4, when every other game, the home screen, netflix, etc. works just fine.


(Xbox one) Still got the same bug prior then 3.1 after a certain time the chat window is freezed and i can’t switch from guild chat to global chat. When it happen i also can’t see what people are writting

Need to restart the game to make it work again and i can now see the missed messages


Posting a photo might help the developers. I’m on the X1 and havent seen this myself. But it doesn’t seem like a TV settings issue to me based on your specific comments.

I know the developers removed a few options in the setting menu for console (same spec and all). Have you tried uninstall/reinstall?


I’m on console, do i get the Dungeon rewards for just the first one i beat? Because i beat all 3 Bosses and only got rewards for the first clear :confused:


So, for the 3rd update in a row, PvP matches are still counting towards explore daily tasks (Console, obviously).

Not that it’s urgent since it technically benefits us, just seems odd that such a quick fix can’t be made for this.


Maybe they are just waiting for the daily task overhaul to deal with anything that isn’t a major bug on those.


Nope. I understand people have done this with games when all else have failed. Not once did I need to do that with any of my games. Not once.

Furthermore, you know its a particular bug when it affects certain templates while the rest are functioning normally. Navigation Menu and shop are out of place. Nothing wrong with the World Map. That can be adjusted. Can’t do that with the menu. It was always nestled within the screen. Not anymore. Can’t tell when the game notifies me about new mail or weekly events I completed. In the shop, the items being offered use to be centered to the screen or align to the left. Now its way off-centered or popping off the left screen and being jumpy. Real weird.

It was working fine this whole time. Game does work by the way. But the patch has affected these two areas on Xbox. No idea why. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.


Updated the OP again.

You should get Shards and Jewels for each of the three bosses you beat (but only once from each boss) and each boss has a chance to also drop Diamonds (this is going to be changed in a future update to be a static drop of Diamonds).

What platform beanie? PC or Mobile?