3.05 on PC Looks Just like the Console

Just watched @Tacet preview…

  1. Looks like the developers did a great job!
  2. Wow!!! looks just like he’s playing on console (only with a cursor😉)
  3. Orc rework looks interesting.
  4. I like the VIP slot additions to each level.
  5. I’m excited to be approaching the point where everyone is running the same game.

Is the 4x speed coming in the submitted sony/ms patch?

Yes that should be included :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

@Strat you won’t have to wait too long, we get it next monday :slight_smile:

I saw that post, That awesome! (linked it below for others). We aren’t going to see many UI changes like PC players are considering we are already running Unity. And everything already looks like that on console.

I hope this change helps the Orcs!

I like the number added to know if you met the requirement for casting

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Can’t watch the video right now. Can you explain what you mean?

If you use mab when you click on her you will see a notification saying how many blue gems are on the board so you know if you met the requirement to get her extra turn . It prevent you to count them :slight_smile:


See the purple gem count on the left?


Holy carp. Thanks, you two! (And to the devs for adding the feature)

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Forest Guardian shows it off even better:


Does shiny show all 6 colors?

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Sadly, no :frowning:

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New features look great! I’m wondering if the speed of the respective menu loads is because of the relatively low load the server. I’d love to have loads be this fast in game, but that is probably being overly optimistic.

Does anyone know if Explore still takes you all the way out to the map after every battle? That wasn’t featured here, but that was one of the longest standing QoL feature requests regarding Explore. Having that, the memory leak fixed so you don’t have to restart every 15 minutes, possibly improved load times, and 4x animation speed possible will huge for this mode in particular.

The repositioning of the menus bothers me way more than it should, but its mostly trivial stuff that I’ll get used to over time (overall, nothing really looks easier or better because of it, just different). The new “Filters” for troops being moved into a sub-menu and only in this sub-menu can you do a keyword search, however, looks to be a minor but persistent annoyance because it increases the minimum amount of steps to get to any specific troop.

I saw a couple 9800 score teams. I’m wondering if the team score calculations also changed? Every possible score bonus on a maxed out player currently would only put you in the low 9700s, even with maxed kingdoms, statues, and tasks, on level 1200+ players. Its not enough of a difference to indicate double score bonus from kingdoms have made their way into the score calculation, but its more than an additional kingdom releases worth.

Trolls seems to still have regular regeneration, not troll regeneration as stated would happen in an upcoming change.

Rock Troll is shown here to have regeneration instead of Knockout. It was specifically stated in the last Nimhain’s Lair post that Rock Troll’s traits wouldn’t be changing and he won’t be getting regeneration.

We’re on live servers now, as of yesterday.


Unity must have always had a slightly different calculation, Even without all the troops on console 9,800+ has been possible (as of right now running 3.0).

So no Ai changes this update ???

No slider for sure but i wonder if you get the AI improvement console had at the same time then sliders, if you get it, this is a great improvement, your gorghota wont cast his magic over and over when other troop are full

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No more skull baiting either

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I just did some data tests for things at 4x speed.

Arena: 10 - 20 minutes per run on hard

Explore: 2.5 - 3 wins per minute with Elspeth | Bombot | Black Manacles, Mechanist Class | Trog

PvP: 1 win per minute or faster, but hard to test now due to defend teams now being different than post patch