3.0.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile)


I don’t have any bonus to souls from VIP levels. 245% is what the screen says when I haven’t increased the difficulty (annoying that I have to actually fight a battle now to change that, btw).


Brilliant! That explains it perfectly.

Definitely bugged, then, with the various displays being inconsistent with each other. If that math is intentional, fine, but the battle counter ought to be fixed, then.

Also, I meant to check but haven’t yet as far as how many souls you actually receive to your collection.

EDIT: Yep, confirmed that you actually get what’s on the end screen.


I also just determined that the max you can get is based on additive necro traits, not multiplicative.

Playing with 3 necro traits, I could get 245 regardless of whether I generated 80 or 100 in battle.


As long as none of the troops with necromancy traits dies at the end, it does not matter if you got 80 or 100 souls, the payout is the same.

Now if one of them dies and you have 80 souls collected, then the payout is lower. But if you collected 100 souls and one or all of them died, you will still get the max payout.

Hope this does not get fixed as players can save some time farming souls.:blush::blush:


Yeah but unfortunately if you’re just clicking the right arrow to get to the number it doesn’t stop when you get to the max, it wraps around and you’re back at 1 again.


Amount filter not working correctly. Mouse clicking is all messed up, have to click a few times on buttons for them to work even though I see the button moving when clicked. Mouse sometimes moves gems the wrong way on 4X speed.



If that happens, use the left arrow to go all the way back to the max.


My defense team keeps changing to my dragon team no matter many times I set it to something different.


Drake Rider’s mount is summoned at level 1 :frowning: despite my troop being level 18 or so.


This is correct, the summoned troop’s level can’t exceed the level of that troop in your collection. And as none of us have Drake, we can’t level it. It’s coming out next week so you can level it then


oh. Ok thank you.


This is not entirely correct. My Elspeth will summon a level 20 War, even though I don’t have a War of my own.


I do have War, but I have the same results with Gard’s Avatar. When I’m farming stones I can actually forget I don’t have the Avatar since Elspeth summons one so often in my Bombot deck.


The difference I assume is Gard and War are “live”, where Drake isn’t live until tomorrow.


@saltypatra Chat messages keep disappearing on mobile.

From the 3 guild message i send on iPad, 2 never arrived :frowning:


This morning, after doing an arena, I directly when to chests, and I got that buggy screen :

The “wait” colorful cursor wouldn’t disappear after 1mn or so, so I alt+F4 out of the game.
I went back in, and clicked “open chest”. Same screen, same atl+F4 :frowning:


@Saltypatra just mentioned in another thread that this is being looked into.


We are deploying a fix now. it will take 15 - 20 minutes.


Good, submitted a support ticket before I saw this, glad to see it’s already being worked on


I buyed one of the glory packs, and then the chest menu worked.