3.0.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile)


for now maybe use more troops with "damage to all"
i know thats not fix but could help?


Thank you very much !
(I went to work, so I’ll see it this evening)


Not a bug but just an annoying little detail. Orc Cunning and Magic Link have the same icon atm and it’s confusing when looking at cards from the troop screen (without selecting any cards to look closer)

Can Orc Cunning have its own icon?


Where did you hide the “invite” button in this version?

I’d like to invite a new member into the guild, but currently I can only do so if I can get his profile in game. And that kind of works rather awkwardly when trying to recruit people through these forums… :frowning:


Not sure if it will be exactly the same for you, but on console, the invite options are:

  • if you know their invite code, go to the Guild page, then select the Admin function and you have an invite button there;
  • if you are on the player’s profile (accessed from battle log or chat), there should be 3 buttons there: “coming soon” (I think this is the “friend” button), fight and invite.


Unfortunately option 1 is no longer available in PC in 3.0.5
And option 2 doesn’t work if you don’t have access to the player profile (because I was in contact with him here on the forums).

But some PM’s later we met on one of the chat channels and I could invite through the player profile. I think it’s just very incovenient to have to work around the lack of an invite button in the guild menu… :frowning:


Seriously? That seems like a major problem. You shouldn’t have to make a date to meet in chat like you’re buying something off Craigslist…


This is really weird. After rebooting the game the invite button is back again on the admin panel of the guild… Should’ve taken a screenshot when the “leave” and “invite” buttons were missing… :frowning:


That’s good news, at least!

It’s like if someone is having a computer problem at the office and I say “That sounds weird, show me.” It always works exactly like it is supposed to.


Sort by amount “almost” works

Not sure why Vampire Lord, with 4, is between 9 and 10 while Mongo, with 5, is treated as if he’s a 4.


It’s Mongo. Something random always happens.


You beat me to it.


Would be nice if the defense team stopped randomly changing back to team 1. I decided to just make team 1 my all-purpose defense since it seems impossible to make it save.


Not sure if its new to update or not but i assume so.

There is a major bug in arena. You can now arrange troops. So after i switched the hero weapon and went to put in the last spot a picked troop disapeared and i had two heroes… So i tried to recreate as im playin on pc and didnt get pics. I moved a hero weapon over a picked troop and this:

@Saltypatra is this known?


This is known. :slight_smile:


One of my guildies reports that all his new mail comes in already open before he even has a chance to click on it. PC

I’m sorry if anyone has already mentioned it and I’ve missed it!


Ok. I seen if it would do it to all four and it did… I havent played a match like that and i wont because it feels a little cheaty to me…


PC: my guild mates report that they cannot see the guild chat ‘banner text’ i set via mobile (android)

they report it several hours after ive set it so its not just a matter of restarting the game

it is visible on mobile


It shows up when you first get in game and the disapears… Also the guild chat doesnt go back as far…


My wife and I are seeing the same thing… Tribute is way less on PC then it is on mobile.
Could be coincidence of course, but I would look into it, just to make sure.