[29/30]Olympus Reborn on Xbox (Rank 49), All Basic Tasks approx. 20 LTs, Events complete

Could use 1 - 2 players at the end of this week who fully understand Tower of Doom. Also starting a wait list for post-4.7 release. This post will be updated as we make decisions about our plan for tasks in the future.

Contact GT: CanyonSurfer on Xbox for info.

Guild Features:

  • League Rank 49

  • Bracket 3 champions last Guild Wars. Bracket 2 next guild wars.

  • Top 10 Tower of Doom Guild (#2 in the last ToD event, #9 and #6 in the previous 2)

  • Raid and Invasion events completed every cycle. Typically done before weekend events start.

  • All basic tasks complete on Monday. This provides your entire troop collection with +8 Armor and Life, +3 Attack, +2 Magic for 7 days. (Team Synergy Achievement Unlocked), and 10-20 legendary tasks completed weekly.

  • All guild statues over level 100, providing the maximum permanent bonuses currently available (+50% Souls and XP, +6 turns per treasure map, +10% Tribute Amount, +6% Tribute chance, and +2 glory per PvP match). Current guild level is 825.

  • Experienced leadership to support your growth and advancement to the status of “end-game” player.


  • Communication: Communication is required, to the extent that being added to the group messages for Pets and Events is necessary. We do have a guild club, and most members use our discord server. Our success in Tower of Doom is dependent upon communication.

Minimum Requirements:
500,000 gold
1337 seals
100 trophies
Shop Tier III or higher in guild events with all sigils played.

Most of our players produce numbers that far exceed minimums. We want players who view minimums as a fallback for a bad week, not a finish line.

Our focus is for people to improve their income level through developing their Kingdom Power Levels, and to ask for help in increasing gold efficiency.

Events: Event participation is required. Events are typically complete by the weekend, and often on Wednesday or Thursday. Meaningful event participation is required. Typically this means obtaining shop tiers to unlock the event weapon. Since events are complete early, we expect players to play events early in the week. Those playing after the event ends will still receive credit for participation, but those who routinely wait until after the event is complete to get started may be subject to being replaced.

We want to get as strong as possible, so that our hard-working members are properly rewarded for their efforts, and we believe that you can help! If you’d like to have all of the support and knowledge you need to complete the game’s achievements and become a top-tier player, please send a message to my gamertag: CanyonSurfer.

Serious and Friendly players only! Freeloaders and Jerks catch a quick boot.

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Hi, I’ve been looking for a new guild. Are you still recruiting? If so I’d like to join. I regularly donate 350,000+ gold a week and have no trouble getting all of my seals each week.

Please send a message to me on xbox with your level and invite code. I’ll have a look at your kingdoms and let you know. I’m traveling until tomorrow evening (Friday), but i can check messages from my phone. My gamertag is canyonsurfer.

Weekly update - week ending 5/19

  • 12 Legendary tasks complete
  • All Invasion Stages finished Friday
  • Up 1 spot to #71
  • 8651 trophies earned
  • 2 finished in top 100 for invasion.

Looking for some experienced Tower of Doom players to join the team this week! Need 1 to 2 players.

Edit: We are a little past the half way mark for Tower of Doom (final two stages). Could really use a few people who can help. We have 30 floors scouted at this point.

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Weekly update for week ending 5/26/2019:

  • 12 Legendary tasks completed.
  • 40k+ seals earned.
  • 8881 trophies (32nd most in the top 100)
  • Up one spot to rank 70
  • Finished Tower of Doom (Ranked 39)

2 open spots. Would love some more people who put in the full effort in events.

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Looking for up to 2 players. Interested persons should send a message to my gamertag, CanyonSurfer, today. I have 1, possibly 2 who will be removed by reset tonight, and I will make room for a new person when contacted, and then invite.

Recruiting has been set to invite-only, because people who have no intention of playing join guilds on Sundays to soak up as much as they can before getting kicked. I will re-open it after basic tasks are done.

I am looking for a move before reset. Former B1 wars player and usually feature on event leaderboards. Level 1261. Events are my main focus but your reqs are no problem. 1.7 million gold this week, full seals, top 80 raid (zuul lvl 500) and 300 plus trophies.

Really sorry i missed your message, as i was preoccupied with keeping second in the raid leaderboard yesterday. If you a are still available, the spot has been opened up and recruiting is open again.

Weekly update for week ending 5/26/2019:

  • Raid complete!
  • 40k+ seals earned.
  • 9326 trophies (26th most in the top 100)
  • Up two spots to rank 68.
  • Bracket 31 in Guild Wars this week (up 8 from last GW)

1 open spot.

That’s unfortunate. I am paragon so leaving now would be unfair on the guild. Maybe a spot will come up again, but for now I must decline. I hope you get a good player.

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Understandable. For the right player, we will have the room. Two of us have strong alts that could make room (and give us a break until the alt is needed). You can message me on xbox any time. I have the app on my phone, so I’ll get the message, even if I’m at work :slight_smile:

I will have an opening on Sunday. Just talked with a guild member who is going to take an extended break from the game. Let me know if that’s your spot.

We are currently full. Check back Sunday to see if openings are available!

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Sounds good. Soon as I have finished my wars on Sunday morning, I am ready to leave.

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Talk to you then. Please send me a messages on xbox live between now and then, as I’ll need to get you added to communications channels on your way in. Would prefer to invite via invite code, but you can post in global for the invite. We’re at these point where open door recruiting is bringing in people who aren’t willing to communicate more often than those who are.

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Code sent.

Weekly update for week ending 6/9/2019:

  • 1st place in Guild Wars bracket 31
  • 40k+ seals earned.
  • 10,400 trophies (22nd most in the top 100)
  • Up one spot to rank 67.
  • 2 top 50 PvP finishes

We completed Invasion on Thursday this week. Looking for up to 2 people who will play Tower of Doom with us. Communication is a must.

Still looking for up to two players. Please contact gamertag CanyonSurfer through XBox Message for invite.

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Weekly Update forweek ending 6/16/2019

  • Finished Invasion on Thursday
  • 40k+ seals earned.
  • 14,140 trophies (18th most in the top 100)
  • Up one spot to rank 66.
  • 3 top 100 PvP finishes (1 top 10)
  • 3 top 100 finishes in Invasion
  • 2 additional top 100 finishes in daily leaderboards
  • Discord Server now Available

Looking for 2 players who communicate and participate in events for this Sunday.

Tower of Doom reward tiers are complete. Let us know if you are looking for a new place to play. Looking for up to two.