💎 [28/30] Join Stratagem - a top 15 ranked guild - GW Bracket 1 or 2. REQS: 850k + 1500 seals - NO TROPHIES REQUIRED

Not sure if I tagged you in the previous message.

I am now lvl 749 with 165 trophies this week, 1500 seals by Wednesday.
I have Champion of Anu and Undine for a while now. I just crafted Infernus this week.
I’m currently using as a PvP team with 87% win rate:
Blade Dancer
Bard/Imperial Jewel (Champion lvl 77)
I’m soul searching in order to craft Dawnbringer.
I have Divine Protector and many Legendary troops such as E Khorvas, Shadow Dragon, Kraken, etc.
There are very few Legendary troops that I don’t have. Maybe less than 5.
My current guild is Rank 44 with over 1,032,513 trophies Audles.

Would you be interested in joining our partner guild for a while, then possibly joining us at a later date?

Give me the details.

Conversation continued on discord.

Still looking for one more before guild wars start next week.

Estou a procura de uma guild competitiva e ativa. Estou no lv 1091. Todos os reinos lv 10. GW. Raids e Invasões semais. 1000k gold e 1500 selos semanais. TIAGOTLJ_8RVD

Hello Tiago. We are currently full at the moment. But, if you would like to join us, I can let you know when we have a spot available. Keep a look out for this thread in the future. I will post when a spot is available. You can also join our discord server through the link posted above. Thanks.

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I understand, but I did not see the name of this guild in xbox one …

This is a PC/mobile guild. Look in the Xbox one guild recruitment channel for an Xbox guild.

Here you go.

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We have a long term member that will be leaving the game soon. Would love to have a late game player come and join us. Preferably over level 1,000 with most troops, so as to be competitive in bracket one and two of guild wars. Please post here or PM with your details if interested. Thanks.

Still in need of one player. If interested, let me know please.

We are in need of a couple of players still. We have one leaving, and right now I have an alt account filling in. We get several legendary tasks completed every Monday, and several more throughout the week. All events completed each week, and we’ve been in bracket two the past couple of guild wars. Would love to have a couple of good players to help us get back to bracket one.

Still need one player. We would prefer someone who is over level 1,000 with a several mythic troops to help us remain competitive in bracket one or two of guild wars. Lots of legendary tasks and raid/invasions completions weekly. Please let me know if you’re interested. Multiple legendary tasks completed every Monday. Leave information or pm me for invite. Thanks.

We are in need of one player to join us on Sunday or Monday. We are a friendly guild. We get all tasks done soon after Monday reset and many legendary tasks throughout the week. We also compete in brackets 1 or 2 of guild wars and complete all weekly guild events (invasion, and raid). Best of all, there are NO TROPHY REQUIREMENTS! So, you can play the game the way you enjoy it without having to grind trophies. Please let me know if you are interested in joining. You can message me here, or on our discord (see top post for discord link). Thanks.

Anyone out there want to join a great guild with great benefits without the trophy grind?

We could use two more players. Now’s a great time to join an awesome guild with your best friend!

Still in need of a couple recruits for outgoing members. Come join a great guild with all the benefits without the trophy grind!

Still looking for a player or two to come join us. We are a friendly bunch. Don’t be shy.