💎 [28/30] Join Stratagem - a top 15 ranked guild - GW Bracket 1 or 2. REQS: 850k + 1500 seals - NO TROPHIES REQUIRED

We are a top ten guild that normally participates in Bracket 1 of Guild Wars. We complete all tasks (usually in the first few hours on Monday) and a bunch of legendary tasks throughout the week.

:trophy: WHAT WE ASK :trophy:

  • 1,500 seals
  • 850,000 gold
  • Guild Wars participation with sentinels upgraded to level 3 (or a combination of 12 total levels)
  • Participation in the weekly events (use all free sigils)

:gem: WHAT YOU GET :gem:

  • Top Prizes from Weekly Events!
  • No Trophy requirements - play the game how you like!
  • Join our active community on Discord and talk strategy/get tips from GoW veterans: GoW Stratagem

We prefer a player that is in the end game with a lot of troops so they can be competitive in Bracket 1 of guild wars (able to score around 50k points) but could make an exception for the right person.

We are a friendly group consisting of players from all over the world. If this sounds like a guild you would be interested in joining, please leave a message, PM me or say hi on Discord: GoW Stratagem

See you soon :crossed_swords:


Still in need a few new recruits. Come join a great guild with friendly members.

We don’t bite guys. You can join us if you want to. We’re actually a friendly bunch of people that just enjoy the game and prefer being in a guild that works together.

I joined the guild a couple weeks ago. Awesome opportunity to join a Tier 1 GW guild if you’re a hardcore player without the pressure of trophy requirements.

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Come say hi! Good opportunity to join a top guild without any of the stress :slight_smile:

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Could use a player or two still. We have guild wars coming up. Bracket one. Come get some great rewards with us!

Ready for top level rewards in high performing guild with a casual feel? Hit us up! :slight_smile:

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Don’t be shy folks! Still looking for 2 more players :slight_smile:

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We are full at the moment. Thanks for any interest shown in joining us. Keep an eye out for more spots in the future.

We are looking for a level 1,000+ player who can help us to remain competitive in bracket one of guild wars. Our weekly requirements are 850,000 gold, 1,500 seals, and guild wars/event participation. We also ask that you join our discord channel for friendly conversation, and guild chat. We get 40k seals and complete all tasks on day one of each week with 15-20+ legendary tasks weekly. If this sounds like a guild for you, come join a great guild that gives back.

We are still in need of a new player. If anyone is interested in joining a great guild that works together, please let me know. Thanks.

We are in need of a new motivated player that wants to join a top guild. We are usually bracket one of guild wars. We are struggling a bit due to some players not playing battles. Hence the need for recruitment. Please leave info below if interested in joining a great guild. Thanks.

We have a couple of spots open. We would love a late game player to join us. We are a friendly guild that is very active. We are usually in bracket one of guild wars. This week we have had two inactive members though, so we will most likely be in bracket two next guild war. We would probably be close to top 5 if all members played their matches. Anyway, our reqs are 850k gold, 1,500 seals, and weekly event participation. We also ask that everyone upgrade their guild wars sentinels to level 3 each or a total of 12 levels across the four. All tasks are completed every Monday shortly after reset, with lots of legendary tasks that day and throughout the week. If interested in joining, please leave info here or pm me. Thanks.

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Estou buscando uma guild de alto desempenho e gostaria de me juntar a vocês. Sou um jogador dedicado e quero aproveitar esse potencial em uma guild forte. Cumpro todos os requisitos para ser recrutado. TIAGOTLJ_8RVD

Olá. desculpe, eu não falo português, então eu tenho que usar o google tradutor. Nossas exigências são 1.500 selos, 850.000 de ouro, participação semanal em eventos e todas as sentinelas de Guerras de Guilda niveladas até o nível 3. Preferimos um jogador com mais de 1.000, se possível. você pode fazer esses requisitos e em que nível você está?

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também pedimos que você se junte a nós para discord o jogo com outros membros.

We’re still looking for a new member. Please post here or pm me with your info if you’re interested. Thanks.

Who would like to join this great guild?

Lvl 737 I lvl about 10 times a day now.
100 to 200 trophies a week.
I just lost 3 out of 30 battles last GW.
1500 seals a week.
I’m just now getting up to about 750 k a week. I know a little low.
So, what do you think?

Hey presto. Thanks for reaching out. We try to get players that are level 1,000+ due to bracket one and two being much more difficult than lower brackets. Do you have many mythic and legendary troops? What is your current guild like? What bracket of guild wars have you been participating in? You may be a great fit for our partner guild until you can level up a bit more. Our partner guild usually completes most if not all tasks each week. Can also reach 40k seals on a pretty regular basis as well. Let me know if that may interest you? Sorry, I am not trying to be elitist, we just stress guild wars a bit.