[25/30] Halls of Hathor ~ Looking to give stray cats a warm, welcoming home!

HALLS OF HATHOR ~ Little Sister within the Children of Ra Family of Guilds

Halls of Hathor is a fresh Egyptian-themed Guild, LVL 245, Rank 812. We’re a “little sister” Guild with a more relaxed feel, but still active and super social like our Big Sister, Temple of Sekh’met. We would possibly be classified as a “Casual” Guild.

Requirements at this time:
Level 35+
Seals - 350/Week
Gold - 30K/Week
Trophies - 0/Week
Discord App a must - It is our main line of communication within the Guild and the Family.
GW Optional and weekly events optional.**

This Guild is to become the “Little Sister Pride” of the Children of Ra Family, We are semi-casual, super-social and looking for those who want what we have to offer. However, this does not mean we take moochers or leeches. We ask that those wanting to join this Guild and Family have a desire to play, have fun, socialize with like-minded individuals, and simply… Enjoy. :slight_smile:

If you feel we are what you seek and would like to talk further and perhaps join us, leave word here with your invite code. Alternately, you may seek out anyone within the Children of Ra Family. My invite code is LYSANA. I can also be reached via PM here within the GoW Community Forum or Steam. If you reach me, I will ensure that those who can bring you in are around to do so.

Hope to hear from you soon. May the Children of Ra watch over you.


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I love those pics. :heart_eyes_cat: Good luck with your new guild.


I’m interested in joining a guild with approx. 300-500 seals per week with active players.

Invite code Sir Adelaide

Lost me @ Discord app a must.

I’m interested in joining if you still have any openings. Invite code is FLUFFYMONK. I have discord as well.

Greetings, all! My humblest apologies for not checking this sooner. No excuses.

On behalf of Halls of Hathor, we have 1 opening at this time.

So, if anyone’s interested, please leave word here with your invite code and/or DM me.


Hi there. Were you still interested in joining Halls of Hathor or have you found a home?

Just an update to all you GoW’ers out there.

Halls of Hathor currently is looking for Three stray cats who are seeking a home!

Again, if you are interested, let us know here or send me a DM.

Thanks much, Asha! Took me a fair bit to find any pics relating to Hathor, but glad I could.

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I’d be interested in joining. I’m a new player (lvl 55 ) and plan on being active but would like an active guild to do events with.

Invite code is MORTRAX_MO7Q


Hey there, Mark!

I just now, this moment, let msiggy (GM of HoH) know that you’ve responded to our Ad. Awaiting her response.

Just an update…

HoH has 1 spot now.

Hi. I’m interested in joining your guild. My invite code is cerddorion_2zkq.

Hi, Cerddorion.

You would be okay with all the minimums and requirements?

Hey there and grrrreetings, one and all!!

Lady Kendra (Chy’tara) here on behalf of Children of Ra’s “Little Sister” Guild, Halls of Hathor!!

Just touching base to let y’all know that Halls of Hathor’s got 4 spots available for anyone who is lvl 25+, can meet HoH’s minimums of 20K Gold/Week (Contributed up front before working on Kingdoms) and 350 Seals/Week.

Also would like those who are interested to either have Discord or be open to getting it so you can join this very social and active Guild in our Discord Group. As well, prospects must be 18 years of age or older.

If you have any further questions and/or are interested, please pop in here with a response of your interest as well as your invite code.

Happy Hunting, one and all!!

Chy’tara/Lady Kendra

Grrreetings again, all!

Halls of Hathor still looking to give more stray cats a warm home!

We’ve currently got roughly 5 spots available!

Grrreetings again, everyone!!

Halls of Hathor is currently in need of giving a warm home to 4 stray cats!!

Leave word here with your Invite Code and let us know if you’d like to join us and can meet all requirements

hi lvl 69 active player here, code is AEREN_XB9T

Grrreetings again, gang!!

Still looking to fill 3 spots for Halls of Hathor!

Again, please post here if you’re interested, with your invite code as well as a bit of information about you and your character.

Grrreetings once again, one and all!! Chy’tara here, “Mama Cat” of Children of Ra Family of Guilds!!

Halls of Hathor is in need of approximately 10 stray cats who are seeking a warm, welcoming, and sometimes-twisted home!

If you feel you can meet the minimums and requirements we’ve posted, leave word here or DM me.