Looking for Task guild. Lvl 70 mobile player

Hello! I’m lvl 70 looking for a guild that is focused on task donations. All my money (about 30k gold) goes towards tasks. I make about 300 seals a week. Probably too low level based on what I’m seeing on these forums but figured I’d ask. Thanks!

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Hi thenitzel!
You need to spend your gold initially on buying all the kingdoms.
Save gems for dragon armor, for bonus income.
In game’s settings, set your graphics/animation speed higher,
maybe try 2. Mine is on 3 now.
This makes the matches take way less time = more gold quicker.
And this sites support > game guides
Are good references.
Also, everywhere you go poke every icon, tab, blue question mark, etc,
until you know your way around.
Good luck to you!!!

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Hey Madrona, thanks for the tips! Currently I have all Kingdoms to level 5 min and some higher with my home at 10. I’ve bought the Dragon Armor. I have my quality on low and speed to the max! Ain’t nobody got time to wait for that! :slight_smile:

I guess I do need to keep going on the kingdom leveling but was hoping to find an active guild that would help towards my biggest gap which is key/card progress and ultimately completing all the kingdom quest and challenges.

Thanks again!

How’d you do all that at level 70?

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Haha I have a bad habit of sitting on games and just logging in for the dailies so I’ve been playing that way for probably around a year and a half. But now I have decided to make this my main game so looking to get more involved with a casual but active guild.

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Hey there, Nitzel! If you’d like, we can get you into Halls of Hathor, our “Little Sister” Guild within the Children of Ra Family.

Let me know what you figure.