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2 Steam Achievements Not Checking Already Owned Troops

Game Breaker: Unlock the Troop “Mongo”


Dark Ritual: Unlock the Troop “Xathenos”

Currently DO NOT automatically unlock if the troop is already owned. This isn’t too big a deal with Mongo, but it would mean everyone who has already crafted Xathenos would have to waste their resources to craft him again.

Also, several other ones are tracking very weirdly even if the goal is met, such as hero level and number of troops owned.


As mentioned in other threads, we are currently using a similar system for awarding achievements on Console as we are on Steam and Mobile. This means that to abide by the rules provided by the console manufacturers (who are a lot more strict compared to Steam or Google/Apple), a specific action must be performed to award the achievement. In the case of Troop achievements, they will unlock when you receive a new troop, but unfortunately not when you get a duplicate. These achievements will show up the next time you get a new troop (which should only affect players who already own the troop(s)). This is also the same for other achievements like leveling up, ascending a troop to Mythic and many of the other achievements.

tl;dr - You do not need to craft another version of Xathenos, just unlock a new troop.

Here is a picture below of my account being awarded the achievements!



Good news it would be a pita to craft him again

Very good news.

There goes my excuse to craft another one. I hope there will be more craftable mythics and another dawnbringer style weapon. I already got 2.2 million souls saved up. :rofl:

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