1.09 - is there any hints or known knowledge on what will be new?

Just as the subject says. :slightly_smiling:

Heroes are getting some love, and some equivalent to Traits…

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Thanks for the reply, will the trait, true shot, be changed - do you think? :blush:

I really really hope so, it’s just broken… But unlikely as so many people will have invested in it…

I havent invested in it yet. :wink: Well, when will the patch come? And why do you think the Devs made true shoot at all, I suppose there havent been enough testing, before it has been released?

Probably because new players should have a chance also against strong Legendary teams…But still…

Hang on… 1) I firmly believe that new players SHOULDN’T have much chance against high level players without a lot of skill and luck (or what have I gained from my fourteen month head start in the game?) and 2) it should be academic as new players shouldn’t get matched against those high level players anyways…

(Sorry change of subject but felt urge to respond to that line)

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Thank you, guess I have been lazy lately… :frowning:

@Jainus: He said “Legendary,” not “high level.” I think he was referring to making common troops (which newer players will have more of) more competitive with higher rarity troops (which can be gotten through luck or purchase even by new players).

I actually haven’t gotten anyone to True Shot yet either, mainly because I’m focusing my traitstones on kingdoms where I’m reasonably close to that 3-star power level… I win enough PvP, even against True Shot builds, that I’m more concerned with resources at this point.

Quick update… we’re splitting 1.0.9 into 2 parts - the main reason is because Andrew, our tech superstar, is taking a break for a few weeks due to the birth of his son (congrats Andrew!) We need his crazy tech skills to polish up the new PvP stuff we’ve got planned.

The GOOD news is you’ll get the REST of 109 a little bit sooner because we’ve pushed the PvP back to 110, including a major rework to Heroes, and a bunch of other cool stuff.

Regarding True Shot. We’ll have some improvements in place there, but I don’t want to give too much away yet.

One thing we DO have in 109 is a Refund feature for Troops. Any time we reduce stats/spells on a troop for balance, we will be able to offer Traitstone & Soul refunds for a week afterwards on that Troop. This will allow us much more flexibility in balancing things.


All of that sounds wonderful! I can’t wait to see what goodies you have in store, not to mention the hero improvements! Pvp can wait, though I’m excited to see what comes out of that, too. And the Refund feature is a great idea!

And congrats @Andrew! I expect pics in the Hangout thread :wink:

I know you listen to the community a lot, and I assume you playtested true shot yourself, so I’m interested to see whether or not you believe in the whining. :wink:

This information about the upcoming update is breaking my ps4 playing heart. We are so behind, and we hardly get any information regarding how things are progressing on our end. Even the in-game news page currently up is for last weeks event still.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m excited about the future of the game, and I realize that it’s harder to get content to the consoles for a variety of reasons. However, there is a lot less information flowing in regards to the console version.

Easy solution: play on mobile

@ScreaminBenis. Well asking “whether we believe in the whining” is a bit of a loaded question, hehe :stuck_out_tongue: but I’m happy to elaborate on our thoughts:

I think that True Shot has a few issues:

  1. It lacks a clearly defined counter, except damage reduction traits & lots of health
  2. The current high-level meta is all about very high Attack scores, which plays to True Shot’s strengths
  3. It requires no skill on the part of the AI, just the stacking of Attack, so True Shot defense teams perform better on average than many other defense teams
  4. It synergizes REALLY well with Skeleton & Bone Dragon, who are both very strong by themselves.

So we get a perfect little storm of issues that make it quite frustrating to play against for a lot of folks.
Where it hits hardest is players coming through mid-tier towards higher-tier play, because they haven’t had the opportunity to fill their toolbox with all the tools necessary to deal with it.

Our goal is not to out-and-out nerf True Shot though… I think it’s a fun and valuable thing to have in the game, but we’d like to reduce the frustration of playing against it for players who begin to encounter it.


You could set it so that True Shot only activates on Critical Hits (4+ Skulls)? That would put it more on par with the power level of most other traits.

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Or it would make even more people use skull spawners.

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You mean people don’t use skull spawners with True Shot right now? :expressionless:

Half my true shot builds don’t use skull spawners. The primary one being my 4x marauder team with Gnoll true shot lead.