Zoom + question about difficulty


First of all, I want to share the experience with zoom option on PC. Before patch 1.0.7 I used to use the mouse wheel. From some reason it doesn’t work after the patch but Page Up and Page Down works. Hope it will help someone.

I have a questin ragarding the difficulty setting. Can someone explain what exactly means the AI Combo-breaker off? I understand that it somehow disable the limitation for AI to use combos but I would like to understand how exactly.

Sorry if it was already mentioned somewhere.


The combo breaker was a piece of code that checked the gems the computer was about to drop during its turn. If this would result in an extra cascade and you hadn’t had an extra cascade in a while it threw those gems out and generated new ones. Once turned off the computer now gets its gems randomly with no intervention just like we do. this is an explanation I read somewhere else on the boards and put into my own words, so take it as you will

This can lead to a certain bias in people called recall bias where we remember things in our favor less clearly than things not in our favor. So it leads to complaints of “the computer always gets 4 of a kind matches dropped in and I never do!”. On the lowest difficulty this code remains in place ensuring that the “random” drops favor you more than the AI.

Interestingly enough (and probably just another form of bias) it seems like I am seeing a lot more dropped in combos on both sides since increasing the difficulty than I did previously.

Hope that helps!



It helps. Thank you.


the scroll isnt working - but you can use the page up and page down button to scroll out until the fix comes out


That is what I advised in my original post :wink:


Yep - but does anyone else feel that ‘page up’ and ‘page down’ are the wrong way around?

Usually, ‘page up’ is lifting you up, so the map should zoom out, not in…