Zhul'Kari Rework

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Zhul’Kari Rework Tonight at weekly reset Zhul’Kari will celebrate a Kingdom Rework, read more about it below… To celebrate Zhul’Kari’s rework, we will be running the following events. Zhul’Kari Kingdom Pass Zhul’Kari Legends Reborn Zhul’Kari Troop Reworks Spider Swarm Venomous trait has been changed to the new trait, Spider Silk. Arachnataur Snare trait has been…


Is that good or bad? :sweat_smile:

Reworks to troops has been applied (PlayStation.)

RIP Night Spider. Well, there goes one of the more fun recent combinations in the game with Rogue teams being totally nerfed to hell. Any good troop released that sticks its neck up gets chopped off for the trouble I guess.

EDIT: Looks like I jumped the gun and made an incorrect assumption about how Web gems worked. It still seems to be a slight nerf as all of those web gems come back and immediately screw up your Night Spider / Mother of Darkness team if you ever miss a loop. This punishes in a way the original spell never did. We shall see.



For archproxy mana reduce.
About time.

And yes cheers guys for killing the only rogue team we all use.

Why not just ban people again , you guys are the best.

Simple question.
Why do you keep getting rid of things your customers like ?


What’s the nerf? Unless I’m misunderstanding something this rather looks like a buff. :thinking:

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Go on YouTube
Look up mother of darkness
Rogue team

It uses night spider
Night spider is useful for the create gems.

Now it’s useless.

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It still creates the same number of gems, doesn’t it? And the purple ones now even have an added effect? I’m assuming that web gems match with purple, just like burning egms match with red.

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Probably - if you lose your turn now, enemy takes purple web gems you created and webs your team. 4 webbed troops against 4 webbed troops will be interesting.

As long as you keep your turn - nothing changes.



Do you guys think they’ll now be purple web gems.

Maybe your right.

The rogue trait being removed.
Do you think that will change the dynamic of the team tho.

Curse gems brown
Frost gems blue
Fire gems red

Maybe we will be lucky and web gems will be purple.

Bond traits all have something in common, they are so useless that any other trait is better. The new one, Spider Silk, is actually another pretty significant buff.

If web gems are matchable with purple, then I’ll gladly retract my statement (Have I missed their official launch in the game, or is this update when they’re live? Honestly I can’t remember what is in the game vs future spoiler stuff). I was under the impression that looping will be greatly diminished by changing it from purple and blue gems boosted by Rogue troops.

Rework has already been pushed live on PC/Mobile and web gems are purple.


Well my rogue team is my purple Gws defence team

Bracket 7. And I average about 5 wins to 8 losses.

Il not change it, and see what happens next week.

I went and edited the original post. I still think this is a slight nerf due to the greater increase in chance of it inadvertently backfiring. My first cast on the redone spell missed the loop and then my entire team (with the exception of Night Spider) got immediately webbed.

Yeah, the webbing is a risk. Can be really good or a real nightmare…

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Just had 4 fights on PvP 3
Won 3.

It’s not as good, the trait has defo effected the team.
But still usable.

You heard it here 1st.
So many people will complain about the web gems
It slows the game dramaticly.
Because everyone gets webbed, so does less damage.
You thought people complained about elementalist.

Wait till it starts over these web gems lmao :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Tannenbaum has just became a god :rofl::rofl:

Will be fun to have two fully webbed teams against each other. :roll_eyes::sweat_smile:

(Yes, I know there are ways but still… Yikes)

In all 4 battles
Both teams got webbed
Using the mother darkness team
It’s like unavoidable lol

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No matter how you spin it…night spider got a nerf. Now maybe another team will pop up that uses the troop but for the one team it’s used on, that works off the fact you don’t lose a turn, it’s does not help. When the team is working you never lose a turn so web does nothing for you. When you do lose a turn your team now can get webbed causing the game to slow to a crawl.