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Your peeves list?

Since i got a few things that consistently bug me about this game that are not of the “bug” kind but are simply game mechanics that drive me nuts.

So for everyone that has peeves about this game and can coherently explain them do so here so maybe we find a pattern/similar peeves and with gods love changes can be made.

My biggest peeves:

1- compensation mode AKA the lucker police.

This is the mode the cpu goes in whenever you have a single lucky drop that fills up your team to compensate for this edge, the cpu will take atleast 5x combo in a row, perhaps get 3 or 4 skulldrops in that same combo to make sure 2 or 3 of your cards die just to undo your luck. This usually happens midgame or when you killed atleast 2 cards of the enemy team already, simply put when youre ahead.

2- wololo from the 5th dimension,

This happens about 1 in 3 matches where everything you do translates to a free 4 link for the enemy no matter where you take gems (always comes from the top so not anything you can predict) all match long. This obviously 10/10 ends in a loss so when you notice this pattern its best to just surrender already.

3- skrillex scale.

Know the base drop? Well imagine that as one side of the balance scale on matchups, which is always against you. This is probably a programmed feature to intentionally go against the fact that the AI is relatively predictable but nevertheless it can be extremely fucking annoying when you have a kingdom set that is like 25% leveled and dont have a single mythic card and are ALWAYS put against teams that have stats 3x yours and are all mythic. This makes you have to be extremely lucky especially at the start of the match not to be either oneshot or oneroundcomboedbyoptraitsofhorsemenbullshitcombinedwithpeeve1evenwhenyoureluckyatfirsted.

5- ranking wormhole.

This event is rare but depends on the strenght of your ship and thus its abillity to resist wormholes, if your ship is not strong enough it WILL be sucked into this wormhole… the way you can know if your ship is too weak is when asteroids consistently smash into your deck signalling your shields are down or your ship has the buildingplans of a triangular toaster aimed downward with its ejection seat (atleast saves you from experiencing the egoloss) What happens when you get sucked into this wormhole is that regardless of your efforts to shoot down enemy ships you will end up at the lowest rank of the ranked board.

-6 randy savage hunter

The randy savage hunter has been lost over the years since randy savage is dead and thus the randy savage hunter will never find its mark despite having hunter’s mark. No matter how many keys you throw at chests the randy savage hunter will NEVER be in the contents. I can know because it took me over a thousand gold keys already since it was added and still dont have it.

I might have more but i cant remember atm, these are my biggest peeves atm anyway.

-wskill ~guildmaster of the ‘botanist club’ Diamond III guild with a static 9 members for some reason unknown to me cause its a pretty cool guild. I guess people dont like flowers which is weird cause i thought atleast women liked flowers, ohwell.

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Dude it’s not cool pretending to be an autistic schizophrenic


I am so confused.
Biggest pet peeve is no order! The guild tasks and the mana gem thingies must be equal always.

Then stop doing it.

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Can I put “Duplicate threads” on this list? Because one of these was JUST made

Definition of a pet peeve: something that you find annoying

Not the same thing as something that makes you irrationally angry. Two different emotions. Two - similar - but different posts.

My biggest pet peeve in this game is having to buy a currency in every bundle that inflates the price of the object you actually want

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I agree this really feels like a duplicate. Unless there are console-specific things that peeve everyone (like @taliaparks :slight_smile: ).

I lost the will to read that wall of text op - but I do hope all that ‘I hate RNG’ stuff is intended as tongue-in-cheek.

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I like to make things lighthearted and fun, unlike some people here (talia ‘i want a feather on my butt every time i make a post’ parks) that emediately go into insult mode.

Hope some people were entertained anyway, and yes fuck the rng its a conspiracy at this point.

As for “duplicate” Since im a console player i never read the pc/mobile (i havent even owned a mobile phone since 2002 or something) sub nor do i feel its relevant to console since these versions are still different.

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Isn’t that topic locked though?

Not that I know of?

Whats your win/lose ratio?

i actually liked the post coz of all the sci-fi analogies made it humorous and not so serious :wink:

(i hope the ai there is not as bad as you described or to be updated soon :stuck_out_tongue: )
i totally dont feel bugged out with the pc ai :slight_smile: but it might also be since i use a lot of board controlling troops in every deck i make so it makes the random gem drops less relevant

ps. must be fun once a while playing (using mind power) a sci-fi version of a fantasy match3 game ;D

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70-80%, defenses were the main problem on me but since i replaced my def team of coronet/templar/alastair/rowanne with lavaelemental/marilith/wight/miststalker ive been getting more wins than losses for now… (even though both elemental and marilith are still at base value and wight and stalker are only purple… yeah im unlucky with getting cards sigh… and i shouldve bought more mariliths that other week but had too little resources to buy 5 and then buy whatever would come the next week)

Its obviously only gems of war related peeves, lighthearted.

Id would be nice if some people wouldnt act so childish about the thread and instead would just post their gow peeves.

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We have a QoL-improvement thread where most small gripes (not balance-related) can be posted.

This list you’ve created sounds like superstitious railing against percieved RNG unfairness. It’s hard to imagine how others would extend it, as the claims contained in it are already dubious.


Since your pretentious use of the big words made me frown with a single eyebrow (good job, this is a rare event) let me correct your attack on this thread with the following; I redirect you to the previous statement that this is a console, not pc or mobile’ oriented and therefore applied to the respective sub’~lightheartened open thread for peeves. Now, you can kindly join in on the fun and be a positive force or take door number 2 which means you simply click click back to whatever other threads you were in and enjoy the internet there.

Sincerely -someone who knows what the word forum means.

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My peeve is that this game is still not in the nintendo store.


That’s fair enough. Feel free to keep posting, and I’ll go back to giving you the attention you deserve.