Your game is out-of-sync with the servers. You will need to restart the game

I wanted to play a Treasure Map. Somehow, there was a 5-10 second delay before the board was fully loaded, and after a few moves, I get the message - Your game is out-of-sync. You will need to restart the game, or something like that.

I wonder why this happens. A new bug on horizon in 4.4? My network was and is fine.

do you ever switch between platforms without exiting the game? this happens to me when i was playing mobile and then switch to pc or visa versa.

The game thought you were logged in on two different devices. Part of login involves some secret-but-not-private codes exchanged between you and the server that change every now and then. I can imagine ways the game might encounter a problem after receiving but before saving them, then resend the old codes later. That makes the server say, “Stop and start over again so we’re sure we’re OK.”

A caching proxy that’s trying to help could maybe cause the problem, too, but that’s network hardware and hard to detect if you didn’t install it yourself.


No, never. I only play on PC.

I installed no such thing, nor do I have it. I play on PC and I have no other devices or means to do otherwise.

This message never happened to me before, so I am thinking that 4.4 update may have something to do with it.

Possible. Or your ISP has some new upstream features to “help” you. It wasn’t an accusation. You don’t control most of the route between you and GoW! But sometimes you install new routers etc. and sometimes they come with “helpful” features.

Basically, if you’re the only person who says they’re seeing it more, that’s probably what’s happening.

It only happened for the first time now.
I would hardly call it a helpful feature.

Still, if it will repeat again, I’ll make a bug report.