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Your connection to the server has timed out

Can’t log in for a few hours now in Mobile device, guess I’m the only one having this issue. So I tried logging into the PC it works fine. But I wanted to play in Mobile not in PC.

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Have the same problem on my phone:(

me to, can’t get in on my tablet

I’m on Android mobile, and server is doing fine. Make sure you already update the game to 4.0 and download all the patches. Try linking your account and uninstalling game and restarting your phone if updating doesn’t help.

I wanted to try to reinstall the game as @TimeKnight suggested but that means losing my game data but since I got no choice I tried it.
It works it took a couple of minutes to load the assets though. But anyways atleast I can continue to play again.

You can link your account by e-mail, then noting down the password the game give you. I just reinstall before 4.0 as well, and still able to keep my level 1,200+ progress.

Please try re downloading the game, it may be the reason you are seeing these issues. If that doesn’t work, please contact our support so we can help you further.

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i’ve been having the same problem all day on both my laptop and my android phone (on and off wifi)

i reinstalled the app on my phone and it does work… the problem i i need to link the account on my laptop to the one on my phone, but like i said… this problem occurs on my laptop too so i cant get the password. is there some other way i could get my password?

i reset my password so i’m all set now :slight_smile:

Are you saying that you are now in game @fdameion? If so, awesome! If not, our support can re-issue you a password and send it to you, to make linking your account easier.