You win. I quit Guild Wars

Guild Wars was released somewhere around March in 2017. More than a year later, there’s been very little changed with it.

The defense bonus was okay. The ultimate result is that instead of fighting the same 2-3 teams over and over again, we now fight the same 7. Cool. Hooray for variety.

By far the best improvement has been the introduction of Invasions and Raid Bosses simply because they create 2 week breaks away from this mode. The amount of relief I have to play these boring, grind-for-nothing modes really says a lot about just how much I hate Guild Wars.

So what else have we been getting lately? Useless pets. Random exploding skulls (which made the insanity of Guild Wars only worse). It’s become clear that this is going to be one of those games that just keeps shoving new nonsense into it rather than just polishing existing content into something better/meaningful. This week is yet another week of Treasure Hunt for the weekly event. I have like a thousand maps. This mode sucks, has no purpose, and you are pointing me toward it? Speaking of which, weekly Events have not seen any new ideas or advancements. It’s either Treasure or “kill thing in place.” And then there’s Arenas and challenges, which become completely useless once you get a soul farming team and a good guild.

It just sucks because this is probably the first step toward quitting the game as a whole. Which I really don’t want to do! It’s such a fun casual, grindy game on my phone. Perfect for killing time and having something with just enough meat to feel like a real game and not the typical phone game scam. But… ultimately I still need something to grind toward. And the game has always lacked that. Guild Wars was the perfect thing to try to fill that end-game hole. But because it is so unrelentingly stressful and unforgiving, it veers far too hard against the “casual, grindy game on my phone” category. I don’t play this game to get super salty like a competitive fps, man! And the dev’s have proven to be completely unflinching in their resolve to keep this mode as PAINFUL as possible.

So screw it. I’m done with Guild Wars. Sorry if this post is like… 9 months late. I just felt like this is still relevant. Or perhaps more relevant now that this mode seems to be getting the same “forget it exists” treatment that stuff like Arena does.

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Maybe join a more casual guild?


Each to their own I guess. Personally I look forward to my gw battles, they are the highlight of my time spent playing gow. It’s the raids and invasions battles I hate.


GW is my favourite part of the game. I always look forward to it.


What specifically is it you dont like in GWs? Are you just not winning?
I personally really like the mode, i enjoy Arena too just because it offers random teams with troops people would never normally use :grin:

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Well it sounds like you already were on the path of quitting GW somewhere along the line, seeing you state how much you hated the mode from the get go.

Currently they work on making the people that initially liked the mode to also hate it, by literally introducing a gamebreaking bug every single week GW is on. Be it winlosses(yeah i made that a term), the basic mechanics of the game not working anymore (who needs extraturns on 4-matches amirite), or this weeks very specific and seemingly targetted new annoyance super-sentinel boosted Paragon battles (yeah sure let me kill off this Ubastets 160 effective health before he collects 11 mana and ends the game).

Anyways you are in good company and i think you are spot on with the “forget it exists” treament part.

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@woootbm I can kind of understand where you are coming from. For a while I have suffered with bad bugs and glitches. It had got to the point this week I quit bracket 1 because of it, enough was enough. The issues were causing me to miss out on well earned points and therefore I saw it as a way of holding back guilds.

I like the new modes as they challenge you with restrictive selections. Pets I think is a great addition, any stat boosts are helpful when in battle. Also, it helps to bring guild members together, working to get that next pet rescue event.


@Santandrix guess you didn’t like your own post? Seemed appropriate enough. They seem unable to fix many of the issues and think we should spend AAA title money every week on their game… seems about the long and short of it eh.

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Actually, the game itself was released in November 2014, originally PC only on Steam. There were 15 kingdoms and less than 100 troops. Those troops had a level cap of 10, heroes didn’t have professions, and there were no ascensions. Also no guild wars, no VIP, no pets, no treasure hunts, no devours, no frozen, pretty much no nothing except for PvE and PvP. Sigh. It was a simple life.

Was it a bug free simple life though?

I did not want to derail the thread.

The guild war bugs are very annoying especially when bracket scores are so close. Every point matters and the fact that they seem to lurk now more then ever makes me wonder what new bugs the next update brings.

Hopefully fixes to the game we have now and not more errors.

I even lose matches on the new event modes due to blue screen errors at times. The bugs are lurking everywhere. Not just in guild wars.

But regardless. Id like to see less bugs when gems are involed.


Never bothered with guild wars to begin with. Same luck, more glitches. For what? 400 gems in bracket one? Bragging rights that my luck was better than somebody else’s or I abused the latest glitch better? :roll_eyes:

GW is my favorite mode, looking forward to it every time. so disappointed that is it no longer every week. GW makes me really think strategize where all the other games modes are just the same boring old grind.