You spin me right round baby right round

Dear journal:
It’s Monday morning, and the wheel of gems is spinning and spinning and spinning and spinning…
*edit: even the forums is spinning now too :frowning:

It’s going to be one of those weeks, right? :expressionless:


Love the vault week Gems of Lag is providing :smiley:


(why do we buy anything from them at this point? various passes for $$$ while the game service is just getting flat out worse all the time :frowning:

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I don’t.


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Lots of players are thankful for the whole week of vault event. Didn’t know there is a catch.

The performance is unbearable. The loading screen takes three times as long as the fight.

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Vault week was cool, but
Lagfest… not cool… but expected

They had to know this event would be popular and place additional demand on the server infrastructure. This lag is awful.

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Why are people surprised? It’s like this during an ordinary Vault weekend. Why wouldn’t the cross-breeding of a Vault event with an ordinary Monday result in a lag monster?

This is my surprised face.

I am playing on a kindle fire 8 HD and my performance is very good, no lag whatsoever. Could it be your WiFi or device that is causing the lag?

1 gbit up/down. And no. lots of people were having this problem earlier in the today.

I´m not surprised, I´m annoyed.

This is my annoyed face.

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