YOU! Join Minion Machine!

You. You love the game but you’ve been playing a while, feeling a little burnt out. JOIN US! Play when you can, help out some newbies.

YOU. You just joined the game and realize how complex it is. JOIN US! We have senior players who can help you travel a fast path to glory and riches.

Minion Machine is seeking all levels of players. Easy reqs (200T, 1000 Seals, 100k gold), easy participation (free sigils only) – spend no gems). We’re open, but if you like discord find our GM – @Dwuemka#0513. Or stop by global 834 and say hello, we tend to hang out there.

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Any openings?

Probably. I have to coordinate with my GM, Dwuemka. Please come to global 834 tomorrow AM (she’s asleep now) and start a convo.

Any openings

Yes! There’s one spot available. We are open, so you are welcome to search the guild search for Minion Machine and join. Or find us on 834 global and say hi and someone will get you an invite. See you in the game!