You guys really need to lower the amount of chains the computer can get

It is kind of … upsetting, if I try to play a match, and it usually starts like this:

Me: Makes one move, gains 4 mana
Computer: Makes one move, chains 5, skulls drop in perfect position, do damage, followed by another 4 chain, does skull damage again, followed by skulls falling again into perfect position for more damage, 2 more chains, computer Monster all filled up with mana, 3 of my monsters dead
Me: “…welp.”

I wish I’m joking, but this happens so frequently now, its frustrating!


You never get crazy cascades?


Not turn 1
And by far not this often.

I would say I get good starting boards fairly often, about 1 out of 3 matches in avg I think, with extra turns and cascades. So we might have quite opposite experiences then.


Like 75% of the time I cast Dragon Soul I get another match or continue my turn.

The other day I played a match where after filling dragon soul, I got 4 straight casts without losing my turn. These Cascades happen for the player. You just don’t recall them as much.

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The ones that stick out in my mind are when the AI has no frozen troops and ignores a 4-match in favor of a 3-match. Then a 4- or 5-match drops in from off the board and they get the extra turn anyway. Those are the ones that really make it seem fishy. Recall bias, etc., but it just happens too much, especially when playing against TroWisKraMab decks. Which is now basically always.


You were there, you surely know what other people recall. :wink:

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I’ve had cascades where I’ve actually started feeling embarassed about the number of turns I’m getting!

I’m not going to refuse to take a 4/5 match or decline to cast a spell, but there are times when I’m thinking “Seriously?!”

Of course this is equally matched by the times when the AI has repeatedly hammered my team and I’m thinking “Can I have a turn now, please???”

It happens, it’s part of the game. Unless you want the RNG spiked in some way, you just have to live with it.

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If you want a fun and playable game, then the cascades shouldn’t happen for the player nor the AI.

It adds some skill and tactics, instead of RNG decides who wins.


It’s gone totally unplayable, loop crazy, and you should have put the lid on your bucket of office viagra, TDS has been in it and won’t stop rising


Add an extra Counter visual interface to keep track of the CHAINED COMBO!
Like the ones in the video down here. This would make the game more exciting at least.

(You can just cut to 1:00 if you dont want to see all the pre-setup.)

It is rather an issue of game design and what developers want from it and players want from it. A nice example of compromise is presented by Sid Meier in this classical video about game design.

It is quite long although very clearly presented. To skip directly to the pRNG part , just go to around 18 minute.

Clearly, GoW developers either did not watch or seriously decided to go their own way. Which was kind of working up until Unity update but then, the things are starting to fall apart a bit. Still recoverable, probably, at least I hope so.


Yes, the endless cascades seem to be back. Only this time, I can’t even parse what’s on the screen to figure out what’s happening!

The new UI has rendered GoW unplayable for me. I can still stumble around, but it’s like wearing sunglasses at night. It just doesn’t work for me!

“Devs” (or whoever is making all these terrible decisions):
I just messaged my GM to request a leave-of-absence while you folks either get your crap together or completely kill the game. I think she’ll understand, seeing as how your latest ‘improvements’ broke her account; she’s been locked out of the game for going on a week now and hasn’t heard word one back from support on when (or if) it will be fixed.

My guild is the only thing keeping your app on my phone at this point, but from now on I’ll have to contribute from the outside on our Discord.

Restore the old UI. It was fine. If you’re gonna force an entirely unfamiliar UI on all of us, please at least finish, debug, and test it before doing so! Also, hire a graphic designer, for God’s sake.

Take some responsibility for your mistakes. Admit you screwed up and bring back the working UI.

Outside of EA, I’ve never seen anything approaching the incompetence and arrogance of this development team. Sorry to be nasty about it, but I really loved this game once upon a time! It makes me sad. :sob:


edit: I’ve calmed down and want to apologize to the above for my intemperate remarks at the end of this post. They were unfair and, as I said myself, nasty.

I’ve found a way to negotiate the new UI-- I just play at 1.5x now instead of 4x. Not ideal but workable. On aesthetic grounds I still hate the thing though! :face_with_monocle:


The reason this game is failing so badly is because this is how the developers think. But it’s completely irrelevant.

I don’t care in the slightest whether players get the same ridiculous lucky breaks or not. This isn’t about what’s “fair” or “balanced.”

Subjectively, the game is now far less fun to play … not for everyone, but for many, possibly most, of us.


It’s one of the main reasons why I quit, it’s just a lot less fun then it used to be.

I believe they have been added to the game on purpose, to create more GW losses. And that is also the reason why it doesn’t get fixed.

And I don’t think it’s subjectively worse/less fun… it just is.

If you add a “feature” to chess, where there is an x% chance that 5 random pieces get wiped from the board, then that makes the game less fun. You’re doing awesome, boom… check mate and loss.

Or even closer to what happens here, add a “feature” to a strategy game where there is an x% chance you or your opponents resources are suddenly all maxed.

The cascades kill any strategy involved.

The game is still fun when the cascades don’t happen… but because of the (way to high) chance of them, happening, the whole game becomes pointless.

And imo, it will be the death of the game, if not fixed.


You have a right to your opinion but i am having more fun now than i have in more than a year! I am playing as much if not more than when i first started!

So your absolute, while it may apply to you, is still subjective since my opinion and experience is the opposite.

Have a lovely early afternoon!

There is always the exception that confirms the rule :wink:

Something else I see happening a lot, and that is that when I try to play in a way that it moves a skull away, so the AI cannot smack me with it later, another one just falls from above, taking the same spot.

I’ve been keeping track of that, and it tends to keep happening a -lot-.
Like, it makes me wonder what strategy is even useful for, if things are predetermined.
The AI does want to complete that skull combination, and it will do it.

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Yes those cascades aka cheat scripts happen when the computer detects how weak your team actually is. If you survive that barrage, then it gives up. Well, not the Fortress. He tends to draw it out just to stick it to you some more.

This isn’t how it works. There’s no “cheat script”. I honestly don’t know where you all come up with this.

The issue is that the game has gotten faster, mana fills more quickly, and so strategy becomes less effective and we’re more susceptible to RNG.