Yasmine's Chalice, good?

Thinking about buying the Yasmine’s Chalice bundle, as I don’t have it, and we rarely see the event weapons back and I’d like to collect them… However, this one at $15 seems to be a bit much.

No :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks! I really want the “good” weapons…

Chalice use to be good, but it was nerfed twice. The first nerf was when they reduced the magic gains from 1:1 to 1:2, causing it to give half as much stats. The second nerf was when they made all 10 gem conditions to 13 gems.


With special packs like this one, we usually include about $20-$25 worth of stuff in a $15 pack and then add the weapon on top as a freebie.

The Chalice can be a good weapon in Arena, and is good at some levels of play, but there are probably better options at end-game.


If 150 gems, 10000 gold, and 5 gem keys is considered $20-$25 worth of stuff, then my perspective on the resources in this game is way off. Perhaps this is what the guild update is meant to address.


There is always just the economical option of making a weapon shop where past even weapons can be bought with glory, then just sell glory. The current system for “selling weapons” expects people to spend a lot more than they want if they only want the weapon. If the weapon is free, give it for “free”, or at least sell it for an amount obtainable with in game resources or at a reasonable price like $5 with like 50 gems and a gem key.


if i remember correctly the console version does have $5 weapon packs each week i would personally like to see that replace the $5 treasure map deal


$5 would be an ideal price point, even with much reduced ancillary items. I really do not believe that the additional items are worth, at least to me, $20 - $25.

Hear, hear! I don’t mind spending money on the game, mostly out of appreciation to the devs for crafting something so great. I do, however, have issue just tossing money away without any real feeling of value. I would be much more tempted if this item was Crescendo, or something equivalent, even then, $20 is a lot of money. I would love if we could have a real conversation with the development staff regarding the valuation of the in-game currencies and assets. I know that the upcoming guild tribute “nerf” will address the value of gems, to an extent. I don’t believe that the shop will adjust to close the valley of expectation of value and actual value though.

Take VIP chests, using the base pricing, ~$150 is needed to purchase a single 50 stack of chests… That is incredibly expensive, roughly 3 AAA titles for a single product. I am not one for F2P games, this game is my only exception, well, Hearthstone as well, but I simply can’t see myself spending that on those items.

Sorry for the rant. :slight_smile: