Xenoblade Guild rekruitment

We have 1 spot available for an active player who has 1.6 million gold 2000 seals and 500 trophies to offer per week and is above level 1200. call me back we are bracket 1 in guildwars. Guild on leaderboard third place

I would rejoin but I’m already in a great guild Arcanum 8. plus if I did rejoin at the lvl I’m on I would have to grind for hours.

I can you invite?! What is your level and teamscore?

436 and 8,240. All A8 Reqs done at 1k seals and 200 trophies. as well as almost 400k gold. code is STARSHATTEREDSO_9RFF

level 473 now

Please come to guild chat 951! And say hello then i invite you but you must play active…

@SilverStream Can you PM me please? I don’t know why but I can’t PM you…

I don’t have chat due to parental controls. I was in global yesterday. try 838 I talk to TorynTiger on that channel I’m NightmareHUNTERWOLF™ plus yes I’m very active let me leave the guild I made first.

Ok then left your guild i invite you in few minutes.

Thank you. I’m doing my best for I’m very determined to complete things like the requirements which I’ll always be low on but not trying would be dumb. I’ll keep going even if it takes me hours or years to get there.

Sorry I left it got tooo hard at least I made it to level 500.