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XboxOne: Should Blighted Lands be Missing?


I’m on the XboxOne and I tried the SoulForge minigame.
It says I need to complete the quests in Blighted Lands.
I checked all the available kingdoms and there isn’t one with that name.
Do I have to complete something else for it to appear?
When I look online, it looks like it should be on the right hand side of the screen, but it is not there on mine.

Thanks in advance.

What level are you, and how many kingdoms have you unlocked?

Hi Stan,

You’re teasing me, aren’t you?
I’ll make the assumption then that the answer is “You need to be at least Level X” and have unlocked “Y” number of kingdoms.

I’m level 58 I think at the moment and have unlocked maybe 25-30 kingdoms. Where do I need to be?


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No, I’m not teasing you, but I think that is the answer. I’m not sure at what level the specific kingdoms unlock, but remember from my own experience that the kingdoms unlocked in a particular order from the center of the map outward. It’s been about 22 months since I was level 58, so my memory of things like that are foggy at best. I think you should still be able to see the kingdom even if it isn’t unlocked, though, so your next step might be to submit a support ticket to see if there is something that can be done, or give you a definitive answer about what you need to do to unlock the kingdom.

It seems a bit silly that they would have an important feature of the game locked in a kingdom that is only accessible by players over a certain level, but if I remember correctly, I had to wait until I had unlocked Zhul’Kari before I could play Treasure Hunt. Might be a similar thing here.

If you want to submit the support ticket, you can go here: http://www.505games.com/contact

Blighted Lands requires level 25. As for unlock requirements, I’m not 100% sure, but since Tyri is involved, perhaps you need to first complete the Zhul’Kari quest chain?

EDIT: Nope, doesn’t appear that this is a requirement. Yeah, that’s odd – definitely submit a ticket.

Is there a list anywhere that shows what the unlock requirements are for the different kingdoms? I searched the forum, your site and the wiki and couldn’t find any clues.

Nah, I went diving into the game files. I don’t think there’s much of a purpose to exposing this info on my site, given how rarely it’s of any concern for anyone.

Do you happen to know how the kingdoms become available for unlock? It’s been so long for me that I just can’t remember. For example, does any kingdom that you meet the level requirement for appear on the main map, or do kingdoms open up geographically as you proceed.

I know that the cost of unlocking increases with each new kingdom up to about 15, after which it stays the same.

They become visible based on which other kingdoms you’ve already unlocked, and they become available to unlock based on your level. Blighted Lands requires:

  • Level 25
  • One of Grosh-Nak or Wild Plains to be unlocked
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Thanks. Is it clear at what level all kingdoms would be available?

@geejayz: Do you have either Grosh-Nak or Wild Plains unlocked? If so, then it looks like you need to submit a support ticket.

Because I was curious, I threw together a programmatic svg that has all the kindom min level requirements and links to other kingdoms in it.

It’s not really to any level of polish, but should be illustrative.


Based on your svg, should this be “Grosh-Nak or Darkstone”?

That’s really cool, but all you really needed to say was “level 25” and a kingdom next-door. :nerd_face:

Edit: Seriously though, thanks so much!

Yes, you’re right. I was off-by-one while hand-reading the data. The graph proved me a liar.

True, but I got curious!

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Thanks Stan and Lyya, I’ll unlock any kingdoms I’ve got on that side of the map and the one’s specified above.
Really appreciate your help. (Super proactive forum this).

Will let you know how I get on.


Hi again,

Yes as soon as I unlocked Grosh-Nak, Blighted Lands appeared.

Thanks again!!!