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XBOX Top 50 Guild- Seeking 2 new members!

Come join the Flea Circus! We’re looking for 2 new players to join our awesome team!

Guild Requirements:

  • 900k Gold

  • 2000 Seals

  • 500 Trophies

  • Event Participation Required

  • Guild Wars Daily Participation

  • Guild Wars- Sentinels to Level 3

  • Join our Facebook Group for open communication!

Who We Are:

Dedicated group of adults who enjoy kicking butt, working hard, and helping each other progress in the game. You will have access to all our previous posts about building teams, and strengthening your game. A lot of long term players with tons of knowledge.

Who We Are Looking For:

Mature adults with strong communication skills and a solid desire to communicate regularly with the team via Facebook Messenger chat and the Facebook Group. Good sense of humor and respectful of others. Reliable to get in touch.

Send me a message if you’re interested or have any questions ! :slight_smile: