Xbox One Profile Achievement Glitch

Today, after playing for a while, I logged in to Gems of War with a secondary account without closing the game - title screen, back button to change profile. When I logged in with the new profile, the other profile’s stats showed up and I was awarded achievements based off of that (like the level 500 one). I tried this again with another account and the same thing happened.

if I close the game and then change profiles this does not happen.

  • The first time it happened, I logged out of my Gamertag while in the game, then changed accounts to do a few Raid battles (maybe saving a minute rather than closing the program and starting again)
    -The second time I tried, with a tertiary account, changing profiles after being kicked back to the menu screen after the Raid event ended. (tchanged from the secondary account).

It seems to me. the profile changed, but the save file did not. .

It only unlocked Level 400 on one account (I was level 450+ anyway) on the first account and up to level 250 and the Kingdom level 5 on the second account. I should have closed the program and logged in the correct way, but I was trying to save time (the second time was just to verify). .

Hey @pseudotsuga,

This is a known issue, and will hopefully be fixed within the week. If you need any more information, please read the attached thread.