Xbox One Newish player looking for relevant guild


All right, should be good. Editing because no longer in need.


i just sent you an invite for my guild “AN ACTIVE GUILD”


My apologies, I didn’t quite stress this. I was looking for a more established guild that had something built behind it. I’m not really looking for a brand new one.

Two things of note. I’m level 23 now (I’m grinding this game fierce…) and I do have a 7-0 arena run pending to finish, so I have 10 trophies to donate to whomever picks me up assuming I can go 1-2.


I’m in the same boat. Almost exactly. Let me know if you find anything. I would prefer a guild who uses Line chat so that we can theory craft about the game and such.


My guild is rank 6. If you guys are active players let me know. Guild Name: XBLA Fans


Shiva Kameany I’d recruiting. Tried to send you an inv. If you change your mind. We are open