Xbox One GoW not loading

Tried restarting my Xbox and of course nothing happens. Anybody else having issues?

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Xbox is the same here to, won’t load

You missed step 2.

  1. Observe server issues.
  2. Visit the forums, where people discuss GoW almost exclusively, and see if there’s a thread about server issues. If one doesn’t exist:
  3. Make a thread about server issues to see if it’s just you.
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Me too

Same here on Xbox but this website says the servers are up and running…ok I am playing fine now, thanks…( a few hours later)

Their servers ARE indeed up and running.

Thr comunication between servers and the rest of the world is bonked, as it is for a whole list of services and games (blizzard, amazon, fortnite, etc).

Prolly someone busted a backbone server…

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I’m in Scotland and it’s down as well hope they fix it soon was just away to start new delve

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Having issues as well even reinstalled it on xbox and still nothing

I’m getting the “There was a problem when trying to connect to the server” message. Seems as though there is a problem with the game. Any update on this issue?

Go to…

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For what? It’s not like Gems on Xbox One is a website or anything…


Oh, I see. I was not looking at the “problems” link. Thanks.

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Anyone have any luck yet?

This isn’t an issue with our servers, they are all running smoothly. As such, we can’t do anything to alleviate this problem. :frowning: