Xbox One Chat Question

I can get into the chat rooms and see the chat but after I enter my text and hit the return button, it does not post what I wrote! Soooo frustrating! Please tell me what I’m doing wrong?!??

You’re probably not doing anything wrong, as long as you’re pressing the right trigger to post.

The chat is just really buggy.

One thing that might work is closing your game and restarting—sometimes l do that when the messages l post to my guild don’t seem to go through, and more often than not the messages show up as intended.

Thank you! I will try that!

You don’t need to close your game. Just disconnect from chat and connect back again

How do you disconnect from the chat?

to disconnect Chat: Down on the Left stick (or D Pad) when the chat window is open. It will pull up the option to disconnect or fade.

you are doing nothing wrong. Be thankful chat is “fixed” as of a few months and now working 90% of the time. for a long while it was unusable.

Ok, thank you, I did it and it still does the same thing. Here are screenshots to show what it’s doing… the first one shows how it looks when I type and hit enter and the second one is showing the button I’m hitting so you can make sure that is the right way to post.


Ok, it posted them in the wrong order, but I’m sure you get the picture… :blush:

After pressing “enter” you then have to pull right trigger.


Awesome! I will try that in the morning! Thank you!

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Let us know if you need further help :slight_smile: The controller steps can be a little tricky to execute to use the keyboard.

You. Are. Awesome! That’s what it was! I knew it was something super simple that I wasn’t doing and just didn’t understand! Thanks, again! :wink::heart:

:heart::heart::heart:Thank you!!! It worked! I wasn’t sure how to reply to you but I wanted to make sure you saw how thankful I was!


I’ll see if we can get this documented on the help center later in the week. I just wrote an article for PS4 recently (even as a PS4 user myself I found it a bit tricky).