Xbox one bug with daily quest


Game in french , When I complete a task at the end of a battle , If a push next button too fast , the finished task stay visible a top right of the screen until I reset the game
can be the same for the 4 tasks per day ,

need a screenshot ?(not easy from xbox one)

knowing bug ?


it’s happen to me hier !!!

hier ? , yesterday ? french ? ^^

That is a very annoying bug.

oui je suis francais

Same here and I play in English language (after all I’m from USA).

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Yes, I’m still getting this bug on XB1 whenever I complete any Daily Task. The notification popup glues itself to the right hand corner of the screen and persists throughout the rest of the game session. You will see it while inside your Troops menu and your Guild Roster, etc. If you are playing a PvP session, the frozen popup conceals most of the AI’s topmost troop card.

Whenever you complete another Daily Task after the first one of the day, the newest popup writes on top of the last notification making quite a tangled visual mess. At least the new popup disappears as normal!

I’ve already submitted screenshots of this error while reporting other bug issues on console. Have been wondering whether this issue is specific to XB1.

P.S. pressing controller buttons doesn’t appear to have anything to do with triggering this display bug for me.