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[xBox Guild] Strata Legion question

Just wondered if anyone else from Strata Legion is here and/or still plays (seem to be the only one donating to the tasks (not bothered if that is the case, I like to help anyway (though can’t do much until I level up myself and my cards etc it seems, don’t have access to half of the campaign and Adventure Board stuff it seems (Kraken, Underworld are my current ones, don’t have access to either of those at present)).

Anywho, just wondered if Strata was an active guild or not? (I’m on xBox, so rather limited it seems, most are PC/Mobile only from what I can gather).

Will continue donating btw, just wondered (apologies for the ramble, had no sleep)

Let me know if you’re unable to get any response or donations from any guild members and still want to be in an active guild; my guild family, The Unforgiven, has a network of a half dozen guilds on Xbox fitting most playstyles, and there are always spots to be found for dedicated, team-players.

Good luck to you!

Will do, thank you :slight_smile: (still new to this lol (lowly level 53 atm (was 4-5 a week or so ago though, bleedin thing is addictive)

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I mostly figured — it can be really hard to find an active guild when you’re new! We’ve wll been there :joy:

Feel free to join our discord whether you want to join up or not (U5 would get you a lot more resources from guild donations than you can manage by yourself) — tons of useful info there (and I’d also recommend joining some of the community servers, like Tarans, if you want to avoid common early-game pitfalls): https://discord.gg/Vtxt5EJ

Joined the discord, cheers (sorry for the delay, fell asleep)

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