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Xbox guild needs a few mid level active players

Hi! Taco Tuesday is a mid to low tier xbox guild with several active members of various levels and ability, from level 50 to 1000, noobs to semi vets.

At this point there are no requirements beyond contribute what you can. Gold, seals, or trophies of any amount at least once during the week so we know you are alive. Of course, many contribute much more, but all is helpful.

Low pressure guild with consistent results. We are slowly climbing the ranks, but we aren’t pushing it hard. If you are 50 or higher please send me your invite code and I’ll invite.

At this moment we have 0 slots left. After 14 days without a single coin, seal, level or trophy a few under level 20 players didn’t make the cut. I upped the minimum level to 50, but will consider lower level players that are active.

Thank you

Xbox gt: VadVaro

Edit: I’m sorry, we are all full now. Please send me a message and when a spot opens I’ll let you know.

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ALEDROS_7JLZ. Thank you

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You are in a guild. I can’t invite

PMS Vazzy

I’m level 29 though.