Xbox bugs/questions

1- I have some questions around defenders. I go to the home city set my flag and defenders. If I quest and change the group it also seems to change the defenders…sometimes. Its a hassle resetting your defenders every time you try out a new group.

2 - I don’t think the “city” is registering level 15 characters. Or is there a way to do register it?

3- The event is showing ending in October.

4- The way “cards” are highlighted may need to be thought out a bit more, especially around the disenchant and recruit button.

5- Some kind of filter for finding certain colored creatures would be nice. Along with a better/easier way to
build teams….unless Im missing something trying to organize your team could be a lot easier.

6- Is there a faction bonus?

Just trying to be constructive as I really enjoy the game.

Also I have a small guild named Sanctuary on Xbox…Very casual, just started yesterday. Join in if you want to help build a small community.

Character name is Ander

1- While that may be what it shows, it doesn’t actually apply. Whatever troops you set for Defense will remain unless you specifically confirm otherwise.

2- Screenshots of the selected kingdom(s) in question and the level 15 troops would help with this. (Phone camera will work fine.)

3- Because the XB1/PS4 are based off an older version (1.0.6), events may accidentally copy from old events. It’ll likely end before the end of November though, so just swap out the word October with November.

4- I believe this may be a XB1/PS4 thing to help implicate a selection. So you may wish to make a request to the people who handle those consoles.

5- This is fixed in 1.0.7, so you’ll need to wait for that update.

6- Not yet, 1.0.7 does though.

Feel free to ask any further questions you may have!

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Is this helpful?

Jarl Firemantle is a Stormheim troop. Did you unlock the Stormheim country and see if it works?
Or level up a Broken Spire troop to see if it works.

Whenever I a make a new kingdom my home kingdom, my kingdom bonus doesn’t seem to change from the broken spire. Would like to have a different bonus then the blue black.

just see your other post :wink:

To change your Home Kingdom, select the kingdom you want to be home and click the ‘Kingdom’ button.
Unlike in Broken Spire where it says "This is your Home Kingdom’, there will be a button to make that kingdom your home for 50 Gold.

The reason the kingdom is not leveling is because Jarl Firemantle is a Stormheim troop, so only Stormheim leveled up. (A kingdom you haven’t unlocked yet, when you do, it will be +1 level higher.)

If you want to level your Home Kingdom, you must level troops from that kingdom. (The emblem below a troops name indicates their kingdom alliance.)

If you have any other questions, I’d be happy to offer my assistance.

Thanks for the help, I failed to understand that it has to be a level 15 from that particular kingdom/faction for the increase to be enabled.

I have a bug with Sparkgrinder’s total skill topping at 5 and not 7 as lsited on the troop list.

Sparkgrinder’s skill was later adjusted to 7 in an update right before 1.0.7’s release.

Other changes yet to have taken place is Sunweaver having a set amount of Mana generation which doesn’t scale with Magic, Gem Spammers like Venoxia having a set amount of gems created while also increasing stats, Vampire Lord’s / Knight Coronet’s better boost ratio, Goblin King choosing his gem target, and Moloch / Steam Turret not sucking.

For a list of all future changes to come, check out the General News on the home page, it will list all things yet to have come to the XB1/PS4 releases.

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Just in case anyone is reading this, I don’t believe the threshold button is working and Im not getting rewards for some of the tasks, specifically put on the armor with exp bonus. It says I get 2000gp but my account total is not changing…this is on Xbox one.

The disenchant threshold button is indeed not functioning correctly at this point. It has already been fixed on the 505 side and is currently being tested and submitted for first-party approval. Sorry about that, but for now, just disenchant cards one at a time to prevent unwanted losses. :smile: Thanks!

-505 Games Support