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[XB1] What’s with not receiving ANY needed troops when opening 1000s of chests?

Platform, device version and operating system
xBox One, O/S 10.0.17134.4056, Gems of War device version

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened

Today while comparing gameplay notes with players in Global Chat, I note several people reporting not being able to obtain troops needed for ascension.
Essentially: “How is it possible to open 2000+ Chests in Gem and Glory and not get needed Legendaries?”

Unfortunately I have been having this same issue from at least since May. Have been receiving extremely low numbers of ‘new’ troop cards necessary to power-level kingdoms. The probability of newer troops being actually accessible appears to be getting swamped/ drowned out against the growing pool of all troops.

There are 23 Legendary troops and 18 epics for which I would happily accept a second or third copy of their cards. It beggars belief that when opening hundreds of chests, virtually the entirety of Legendaries that I do access are from the original release of the game: for ex, Abhorath, Bone Dragon, several Carnex, Venoxia, Webspinner.

From that list you can also see an oddity that I’ve mentioned before: the troops we do get are seemingly pulled alphabetically from either end of the old list (A to E, and V to Z) which is a very curious trend.

I haven’t been able to pull the new Suna Mythic in the mass key opening and I don’t hold much hope that I’ll be getting it from chests. Last week, I wasn’t able to pull the new Divinia legendary from Event chests either, despite attempting 378 Event Keys and 1400 Gems. Gems which I should have been saving to get Suna.

Looks like I’ll be forging both of those :frowning:. Add them to the elusive Summer Imp, which I’d been unable to pull for 3 years now and so, finally, I forged it a month ago. Only after that step was I able to get another, single copy of Summer Imp. Coincidence?

People keep claiming it’s all a quirk of RNGesus but frankly it makes me wonder if I’m opening up my chests at the wrong time or using keys in the wrong order or I haven’t levelled my kingdoms strategically enough, so that my game is stalled. But if the ACTUAL reason for not seeing new troops is because, somehow, I’ve paradoxically saved up “too many” Chest and in-game resources in the attempt to get the current week releases?

Ask yourself, How many times have you heard players say “I got the new troop on my last two Glory Keys after burning through everything I had”?

Well if THAT part about having too many resources is true… then the heck with the whole game, frankly. This kind of probability table-loading makes me sick with disgust. Against stacked results of this ilk, it would be criminal for anyone to advise another player to buy Gems from the Shop, sale or not.

I really, really truly hope that what I am starting to suspect about this aspect of the game and its version of loot boxes is NOT true. I love the gameplay and the amazing creativity that IP2 has worked so hard to bear. I want Chest results to be fair. But then again, as we said at the start: How is it possible to open 2000+ chests in Gem and Glory and not get anything you need?

Odds of getting rare cards are low. Odds of getting specific rare cards are miniscule. You just need to open another 20,000 chests.

It may sound dismissive but it’s the honest answer.

What were you expecting to get, 4 TDS, Suna, a Ubastet, and 2 emperor khorvashs? Just getting Suna alone is going to be a hassle, even for people with well over 20000 keys. RNG can make anyone its b****.

Yeah its probably bad luck, and the more cards they add, the harder it is to get specific ones.

Also of note, depending on how ‘new’ a troop is, they are only available in glory packs & raid/invasion/bounty shops for lower rarity troops & in event chests for legendaries the first week they appear and then take several weeks before they show up in any other chests. So if you’re trying to get troops within 3-4 weeks of when they release, you aren’t going to get them.