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WWE and wrestling in general

I know @Cell is a fan, there has to be others here.

WWE Extreme Rules is on Sunday!


The Rock or Stone Cold come back!? No?

Exits swiftly

I want ray mysterio back!!!

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The Rock makes his annual WrestleMania cameo and that’s it.

The main roster is like 70% new wrestlers now, coming from NXT in the last 3 years.

We are in the midst of a change in Eras!

I used to love wrestling, but I’m just too old for now. I grew up watching Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat; and when TNA came into play, I think I just lost interest.

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and Shane o’ mac is back!!! :smiley:
Here comes the money!

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Yea my 2 all time faves appair few and far between,
1-The Undertaker

Right now, I’m looking into Balor, Corbin, and Bray,
The demon is off the chain and the end of days and sister Abigail are the 2 coolest looking moves ever.

Also a fan of the realist guys in the room, cause who doesn’t love a good monologue

wrestling - puke just IMO
don’t be hait’n me but wrestling is definatly not my thing :slight_smile:

edit - to include UfC /cage fights are cool though


At least in wrestling they admit it’s scripted, unlike UFC :wink:

(You want to come into a thread to talk trash, you get some back)

They are great, look for Balor to turn heel and join The Club though (don’t worry, he’s 10x better as a heel, watch his NJPW work)

How are you liking Shinsuke Nakamura?

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It is scripted?! What i thought it was real. I thought they were really trash talking each other over social media and the like. Is it really scripted?! I just i can’t handle this knowledge guys. I thought wrestling was real, omg.

Hey, no smarking out @killerman3333!


This is as bad as finding out tat the north pole moves! Is wresting really fake?! :tired_face:

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Shinsuke is great unless the main roster randomly decide to step it then if his bout with Zayen doesn’t get match of the year I may have to riot

He’s learning english, once he can cut a good promo he’s going directly to the main roster.

Watch NXT last night? That Bayley/Nia Jax fight was great development for Jax.

my opinion is trash. ohh well I can handle it :slight_smile:

I’m in the process of getting an apartment (couch surfing right now) so I gave up my wwe network for a bit till after I get the new place, no worries, my friend (the one who’s leading me his couch) has the network so I do get to watch all the PPVs (we binge watch NXT from the previous month the Monday after a PPV (as well as catch up on Camp and TEACSTTROA))

I May have Misspelled the acronym but I’m sure you know what I meant

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The Edge An Christian Show That Totally Reaks Of Awesomeness!!!


You got it… Gold Star

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