Wulfgarok did not devour twice

iphone 8 Plus

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I expected Wulfgarak to devour an enemy when he killed an enemy with his spell.

When playing guild war battles in two separate battles my wulfgarok did not devour when he killed an enemy. The enemy troops did NOT have protection from devour. This completely threw both matches for me. The first time I thought I was crazy, the second time it happened I made sure to check enemy troops to be sure they did not have protection from devour. They did not. I stopped using the team after he failed to function correctly.
I was playing guild wars with a beast team:
Forest Guardian
Dragon banner

I then used the team in PVP and he worked fine. Both times in guild wars was against differing teams.

I could not make it happen outside of guild wars. My guild mates however did not encounter this issue.

Was the enemy troops blessed?

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Which troops were on the enemy team and were they barriered?