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Wrong Storm being activated

I have been playing Dhrak-Zum troops, Glaycion and Bloodhammer in GW and Bounty Hunter. After defeating the first troop i should be getting a doomskull storm, instead i am getting a purple storm.

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You should post a picture or a video clip.

As well as your platform.

It’s not a bug unless you post the enemy team you fought.

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Precisely, if he were facing a Valraven, which is likely in Bounty Hunter, it would summon a Dark Storm on ally death.

Valraven was the second troop.

Ios platform.

If Valraven WAS on the enemy team, then that would explain your dilemma.

Valraven creates a darkstorm any time one of its allies dies. It probably has some form of conflict with Bloodhammer’s ability, since they both activate on the same scenario.

Also, I would edit your original post to include the platform so people don’t have to search for it.

Yeah it’s kind of context-sensitive here.

If Valraven just died, it’s possible that Bloodhammer created its Bonestorm (because an opponent died) and after that Valraven created its magic storm (because an ally died: itself). This is expected, even if you can find troops where “ally” doesn’t mean itself or situations where opponents’ abilities go first: what’s “expected” is always “whatever doesn’t require a code change” in those kinds of conflicting scenarios.

So you’d have to show this happening in a not-Valraven match, or on a screen where the Valraven’s clearly been long-dead.

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The ideal situation would be to allow multiple storms at once… No reason not to really… well, beyond that of the inability of the devs to introduce ANY changes without simultaneously bringing a ton of issues

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What I find Funny, is for some PVP battles I used Glaycion, Bloodhammer and Scyllia. And it would do both skull and Doomskull cascades. It would also alternate storms. Kill an enemy, get a Doomskull cascade. Make a 4 or 5 gem (skull) match during the cascade and switch to regular skull storm. (or vice versa) It was a fun team until you handed the board over to the opponent with a 5 match doomskull. and an active doomskull storm. And the resulting cascade wipes out your entire team. Hazard of the doomskulls. Still a really fun team.