Wrong opponent in GW?

A guildmate posted Tacet’s GW battles against Hoguns yesterday. The first battle was against “Rhaegar” but this person is not in Hoguns.

Today, I looked up my opponents and the first battle was against “Kristy” who is a member of Dragon’s Peak. Hoguns is fighting Tyrant today. We fought Dragon’s Peak yesterday. My other four battles were correct against Tyrant members. At least two other Hoguns player also fought a Dragon’s Peak member today for their first battle.


My first fight each day this week has been a Strong opponent from the previous day.

Yet another bug

I had that today

You know I thought it was just me not keeping track correctly in my spreadsheet, but I just looked at the 1st battle today for purple through the battle log - and it’s from yesterday’s team ratticlub1.

Then the remaining battles are today’s opponent United Questers

Adding yet another step in my GW process… This week too many weird bugs.

No one else is experiencing this?

Has happened twice this week to one of my guild members (PS4). Possibly other instances that have gone unnoticed. Also had the same member of the rival (full) guild appearing as both Champion and Paragon (slightly off topic but is also odd.)

I’m not sure that’s correct. More over I am sure that’s incorrect. It has been an issue involving the rearrangement of brackets due to the factoring of the initial set of opponents. For 2 consecutive weeks after “fixing” brackets. Every first opponent of the day belongs to the guild that they were originally matched with, without fail.

i haven’t done casual pvp in months