Wrong guild reward?

My guild (Spectral Forces) have place #288 in overall rating, and, according to game data, it’s Elite V with bonus +190% gold.

I have 500 gold per day for login. And then it doubles (I forgot, why. blushes). And over that I get guild reward of… 450, that makes it to 1450.

Why? Am I read +190% wrong and actually it’s 100% base+90% extra?

Yes, it says “+190%”, with the “+” sign, not just “190%”. You start with 100%, so your total is 290%, or x 2.9.

500 x 2.9 = 1450

EDIT: It doesn’t double, by the way. It used to double before because the guild bonus cap was +100%

Checked it today. It’s really 190% on step 2 and glory bonus for PvP on step 3. My fault then. Thank you for the explanation!