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Wrong Abynissia picture in event keys this week?

She is from Blighted Lands not Broken Spire, is she in the pool still?
Sorry for the question but I have 300 EK so I want to know if this is a visual glitch or not.

A guildie of mine got 2 in 20 event key pulls earlier today, so it’d seems like she is indeed.

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I also got Aby from event keys today. I was quite happy and all, but was really hoping to get Infernus.

According to Taransworld, both Abynissia and Infernus are currently in Event chests.

I’d be putting in a ticket for a swap. Infernus is badass! Aby is kind of decent though but it’s annoying targeting an event mythic and getting one from somewhere else.

Thanks for the advice! I did submit a ticket, might as well try.

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