Wraith Mythic Effect


I have ultra rare wraith and stats is 8 attack, 6 armor and 18 life. Level 17 max now for ultra rare. As I checked ashtender Wraith troop max wraith level with Mythic 14 attack, 10 armor and 30 life.

My question is, I checked leader table player’s troop list and first player Zoo Keeper’s wraith stat is 25 attack, 38 armor and 54 life level 20. I think play with him when begin game, this troop gain bonus. I don’t understand.

You’ll want to read the article below. The main thing that high-level players have that you don’t is Kingdoms. Level 10 on a Kingdom gives +1 to a stat, and POWER Level 5 gives another +1. Multiply by the 26-or-so(?) Kingdoms we have and that can get a large amount of stats.



I have all kingdoms maxed out and I also got bonus stats from guild.

4 magic kingdoms = +8 magic
4 attack kingdoms = +8 attack
8 life kingdoms = +16 life
10 armor kingdoms = +20 armor

Bonus stats from guild:
+3 attack
+2 magic
+8 armor
+8 life

I hope that’s explain.

Thanks for your reply. Understood.

ZooKeeper I have below team; I like your team but I don’t have bone dragon and famine. I have only wraith and courage.

Wraith (Ultra Rare) All traits and Level 17
Ranger (Rare) first and second traits and Level 11
Infernal King (Legendary) None traits and Level 18
Alchemist (Ultra Rare) All traits and Level 17

Can you advice 2 troops replacement for bone dragon and famine?


For defense team? Try this:

Spirit fox