WOW -- when did Puzzle start rejumbling the board!?

This week’s task is doing Puzzle x 2

So I am over here on Steam, playing my Puzzle, getting things set up and all of a sudden the board - reshuffles…

I play puzzle at least three times a week to see how far past 60 I can go…(Going on my 7th year playing)
I HAVE NEVER seen the board reshuffle…

I’ve seen it twice in all the time I’ve played this game in my couple of years)
And yes, rare - but it happens, it’s the norm!!! )


It blew me away, as I was about to make my second (first time) vault… and poof, all my lovely work separated.

Weird… Thanks for the answer.

As with normal fights, a reshuffle happens, when there are no more possible moves. Does not happen quite as often, but I’ve seen it too.

A cooler one, is the board reset.
Mana depleted for everyone and new board.

It happens when there are too many block stones around …
Deep Dwarf docet

Or Wish gems, etc. There are at least 3 types of gems that literally don’t match anything and are triggered by destroying/exploding something else on the board.

But yes, Treasure Hunt definitely can reshuffle the board, it’s just a lot rarer to witness it than in standard battles.